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Chronic High Normal TSH

For 5 years I've been on the cusp of the high normal TSH value (~4.2 ref 0.35-4.94), last year I persuaded my doctor to run free T4, but not the T3...that was mid range (1.1 ref 0.7-1.5).  I am considered high risk for developing hypothyroid, my grandmother, mother, and cousin all have it and I already have an autoimmune condition where 30% of patients with that diagnosis also have a hypo diagnosis.  I would consider myself symptomatic, insomnia, extreme fatigue, hair loss, insane weight gain (30 pounds in 4 months!)...

Do I push the issue with my physician, or is the fact that my TSH is technically within the normal range good enough?  I know if your being treated that wouldn't accept that TSH value, I'm confused and since I've moved a bunch in the past years these consistently high tests have been different labs and physicians, which I don't think is helping me!
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I personally would not waste the time to even test for TSH. But the medical indsutry has been brainwashed to believe that the TSH is a great test.  When it at best is a screening test.  Since TSH can vary by as much as 70% within a single day should alone prove that it is nearly a worthless test!

Your body ONLY uses the free form hormone for both Free T4 and Free T3.  Ultimately it is ONLY the free T3 that is used at the cellular level.

If you are trying to determine your thyroid health, why would it make sense to not test for the two hormones that you body ACTUALLY uses??

instead they rely on a Pituitary hormone?  It is nuts.

To put it in car analogy.

What you REALLY want to know is how much gas is getting to the car's engine to burn and run efficiently.  But what instead of testing the fuel rate or volume at the engine, or even the fuel line.  Instead you simply look at the position of the gas peddle..  As long it is in the proper position for normal running, it must be running normally right?  

How ludicrious.  Yet that is exactly what is being done when they look only at TSH.

The FT4 test would be annalagous to the fuel gauge. That is how much fuel is stored and ready to be used when needed.

The FT3 test would be actually measureing the fule flow rate entering the engine.

If you brought your car in to a mechanic and told the mechanic that the engine was not running right and it is coughing and sputtering etc.  And the mechanic looked and told you that the gas peddel looks right and there is fuel in the tank so everything is normal, you would probably punch him in the nose and tell him that he is a fraud. Even if he is ASE certified mechanic!

Yet Dr's do this to people every day.  Taking only TSH and maybe FT4 and if in the "normal" range they are told that everything is fine. And we are just supposed to sit back and believe them because they have letters behind their name.

Just my rant for the day! But I call it like I see it!
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