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Colonoscopy with Hashimotos/Hypothyroidism

Hi everyone!  Has anyone had a colonoscopy while being hypothyroid.  Specifically, have you had it done without sedation?

I'm asking because my BP and HR can be low due to this, and heard sedation suppresses it even more - so don't want to do anything that is risky.

Also any tips/suggestions especially since we have different issues/diets with Hashi (did you find a particular prep easier/better, what did you eat, etc.).

Thank you!
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Question I have. is are you at high risk or family history of colon cancer?  how old are you?  if younger and low risk is the option of doing the "poop test".  Where they sample the poop and look for something in the lab to determine if cancer is found or something.  The negative result is pretty reliable.  They do tend to have a false positive rate which would only mean that you would have to undergo a colonoscopy.

I am just mentioning it so that if yo are low risk and really concerned about the colonoscopy, then you might want to discuss with your Dr the "colo-guard" or other maker of the stool/fecal test.  

However if you are at higher risk or are having some sort of symptoms then by all means the best way with the most difinative answer will be to do the colonoscopy.    No doubt about it.
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Thanks!  There is a new test that just came out that detects polyps, and I had a positive on it.  Also, the GI doc said it is not normal for me to have iron issues (it's ferritin).  I said it could be because I have Hashimoto's, but they disregarded that.  

I have taken Cologuard before, but it is also not 100%, and have taken a FIT.

Agreed.  I was waved off regarding doing without sedation (which is fine now since I also have to do an endo...and not sure how I could do that without).  Just looking for the 'best' prep that is also the safest.  Of all things, it looks like the old 'PEG' one that has been around decades is the safest, if not the most pleasant.  It doesn't cause electrolyte imbalances like the newer low dose ones.  They only gave me three options, PEG, Clenpiq, and the Miralax combo.  
I'm just curious what having an endo might have to do with a colonoscopy...

Also, what problem do you have with Ferritin?
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Hi - Actually, I've had 4 colonoscopies, a few endoscopies (GERD, gastritis and H Pylori) and another surgery since I've had hypothyroidism.   My resting HR runs between 53 and 57, as a rule, and BP is all over the scale - sometimes really low, other times high.  

I wouldn't dream of having a colonoscopy without sedation. The anesthetist will make sure everything is okay during the procedure and if anything does go wrong, they will abort the procedure.

I'm not sure what prep instructions you were given and I'll apologize in advance if what I'm about to write is TMI.  :-)  

Be sure to talk to your doctor/nurse and follow the instructions they give you because what my doctor required may be different from what yours requires.  

What/when you can eat will, most likely, depend of the time of day for the procedure.  I was allowed to have broth, coffee, tea, white grape juice, etc the day before until 8:00 pm.  My doctor's office gave me an instruction sheet that contained a list of foods/drinks I could have (nothing red, orange, blue, et) and when I had to start the special "diet", along with instructions for the rest of the prep.  If you have an instruction sheet, it's important to follow it to a "T" in order to get the best results.  My procedure was in the morning, so I actually had to start the clear liquid diet the afternoon prior to my prep day.

The last colonoscopy I had was in July 2020... prep consisted of a bottle of Magnesium citrate, followed by 2 Dulcolax, followed by 1/2 gallon of a Miralax solution to be guzzled according to a specific schedule.  One tip I might offer is if you have to do the Miralax solution, be sure to mix in some lemon flavored Crystal Light (if allowed per your instructions).  For previous colonoscopies I only mixed the Miralax with water and couldn't get down most of the last 3 glasses.  Adding the Crystal Light allowed me to get down all but 1/2 of each of the last 2 glasses.

If you tend to have a problem with constipation, you might want to eat plenty of fiber and  drink lots of water in the days prior - if you're constipated when you start the prep, it seems to be more difficult to get "clean".  I have a history of flat polyps, which tend to be harder to find and are more likely to be cancer, so it's important to do a good prep.   Also make sure you drink plenty of water during the prep to stay hydrated because the prep can dehydrate you pretty quickly.

Last tip:  relax, trust your doctor and his team. It will be over before you know it.  Good luck;  I hope everything is good.  
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This was wonderful, thank you Barb :)  And that was not TMI...I appreciate the tips!!
I was mostly unsure if there was anything special we needed to do if we had Hashimotos where sedation, etc., could cause problems.
You're very welcome.  No problem with sedation because of Hashimoto's.  Talk to your doctor about whether or not you can take your med the day of your procedure.  That will probably depend on the time you're scheduled.  Since I had mine first thing in the morning (I had to be there at 6:45 am), I was asked to defer my med until after because I wasn't supposed to eat/drink anything.  If your procedure is late in the day, they will probably tell you to go ahead and take your med as usual.  Best to check so you make sure you're doing what your doctor requires.

Also check with your doctor/nurse if you have other conditions that could cause issues.
Hi Barb, have a follow-up question :)  Just met with the GI Doc to schedule today, and I will have a morning one as you did.  Also, getting an Endo along with the colonoscopy.
They prescribed me some new type of prep called Clenpiq, but I just read online reviews by others saying it was great (they are small bottles, but you have to drink several glasses of water), or a lot that said it was the worst prep ever (side effects, didn't work, etc.).  I am thinking of asking them for another type of prep.

For the Miralax prep combination you used, have you always used that?  Or are there any other prep solutions you recommend?  
No - I haven't always used the Miralax prep... I've done that the last 2 times I had a colonoscopy.  Before that, I had to purchase a large bottle of stuff to drink... it was horrible tasting (sounds like it might have been similar to the Clenpiq in taste. I did also have to take the Dulcolax tablets and drink the Magnesium Citrate.    As I recall, the solution was also pretty expensive, whereas you can buy a bottle of Miralax and some Crystal light packets for about $10 - $15.  The drawback with the Miralax solution is that you have to drink an entire gallon of it (1/2 gallon - 1 - 8 oz glass every 20 minutes, then later, the other 1/2 gallon at the same 20 minute intervals).  This, in addition to lots of water or other clear liquids as instructed by your doctor.

I'm not familiar with Clenpiq so I did a quick research.  You're right that the reviews are pretty mixed.  It sounds like the worst thing about this prep is the taste and some did not achieve adequate cleaning so their procedures had to be aborted.  I can't stress how important a good cleaning is, especially, if you end up like I did having the flat polyps since they're harder to see in the first place.  My fear is that an inadequate prep or a doctor that chooses to go ahead with the procedure, might cause something to be missed.   That's just me and may not be a concern for your doctor.

As I noted in my previous post, you have to drink plenty of water with the Miralax method, as well in order to prevent dehydration so the amount of water isn't any different.

I would suggest that you discuss your concerns with your doctor and see what they say.  There may be a specific reason for using this prep and they all have drawbacks.  I know drinking only 2 small bottles of something would be easier than drinking and entire gallon, but the side effects seem somewhat off-putting, as is the possibility of inadequate prep.  It seems that actually starting the prep a few days in advance by eating lighter, more fibrous meals might be an advantage??

Do discuss this/your misgivings with your doctor.
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