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Diagnosed with Hashimoto's but question diagnosis

I have been experiencing chronic hives (I have had hives every day since oct 2009 - I have also experienced situations like this off/on for 8 years), (diagnosed: chronic urticaria) which lead me to discover the cause.  My allergist quickly diagnosed me with Hashimoto's and has prescribed .50 mcg Levothyroxine.  I question whether this is a valid diagnosis, I will describe my blood work over the last 5 months and hopefully someone can relate or a Dr. can offer suggestions.  I am going to seek a second opinion from my PCP.

1-7-10  CBC by pcp - shows only out of range
   Anti-streptolysin O - 358 High (<=200)
   C-reactive protein - 1.15 High (<.80 mg)

3-1-10  Multiple tests by allergist
   TSH - 5.15  High (.40-4.50)
   Free T4 - 9.0
   Thyroglobulin Antibodies - 20 in range
   thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies - 127 High (<35)
   Vit D - 25  (20-100)
   Immunogloblin E - 135 High (<=114)
   CBC - everything in range

3-5-10 Visit to allergist - diagnosed with Hashimotos - prescribed .5 mcg levo
     * I felt AWFUL for the first 1.5 mo. of taking levothyroxine - worse than b4

3-27-10 health fair
   TSH - 2.37
      RDW - 10.3 Low (11.5-14.5) Red blood cell distribution width
      Neutrophils  - 47  Low (51-75)

   TSH - 1.36
   Free T4 - 1.3
   Vit D total - 49

   TSH - 1.96
   Free T4 - 1.1
   Free T3 - 4.4 High (1.8-4.2)
  * I added Free T3 test from reading posts on this site, I wish I would know better what blood tests to request.  I would have done the Thyroid peroxidase antibody test again but it was expensive.

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I wish I knew what to say to you about your blood work, but I want to send you my good wishes because it seems you are going through the same anguish as me right now. It was almost 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. I thought OMG what is going on? Well, I knew something was going on because I had been feeling awful for months, many months. I was prescribed .75mcg of Levoxyl. Prior to that I'd developed some very strange *sores* singular lesions 2 on my right leg and 1 on the back of each of my arms (weird!) These lesions were the size of the head of a pencil with a white top (but not pus-like) sorry I know it sounds awful! But I had NO CLUE what they were. They left small scars. I thought, these burn like I've been told that shingles burn. I also thought they looked like chicken pox! Also after the first two weeks on Levoxyl, I began having pins & needles - bee sting sensations ALL over my body in random locations - even on my hands & fingers!
I have such profound sympathy for others suffering from thyroid issues! I'd never known!
I went to my endo today *(2nd visit) to tell her about my symptoms and to relook at my blood work taken yesterday. She only requested the 4 and the TSH- like that is going to give a good idea as to how the drug is working?. So...my TSH went from 7.56 to .4. Looks good on paper. The T4 was 1.4 which I have no idea if that is good. She told me that the pins & needles are not related to Hashimotos that I should go to see a neurologist. She also is keeping me on the .75 mcg Levoxyl and says, we'll do some more blood work in 6-8 weeks (2 months!) and another thyroid ultrasound in 6 months (I have a 1.4 cm node which was FNA biopsied and came back benign) So, what am I going to do? Find ANOTHER endocrinologist. For this woman to say that the pins & needles are not related to thyroid is preposterous. UGH! Sorry to go on but my life feels like it is changed forever. The insomnia has returned too. : (
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If you have only been taking the Levoxyl a few weeks that have to do with the sensations of pins/needles.

When I began taking Levothyroxine in March - I felt pretty bad before (tired, aching, emotional, constant hives that itch burn they would cover my face and entire body, but the face was the worst because as a grad student I am constantly giving presentations to groups and there is no rescheduling.) BUT - once I started the medication I felt worse than ever before.  I suddenly experienced every symptom of Hashimoto's that I had never experienced before, and some symptoms that are a little weird.

I had an awful taste in my mouth
extremely sore muscles, & joints especially feet/hands
my neck was very tender
I couldn't fall asleep or stay asleep - new for me
my heart rate was around 120-150 resting
chest pains
Dry eyes - tired eyes
Shortness of breath - like I couldn't get enough oxygen
My mind was unclear & memory was troubling
Disorientated feeling
Head aches, & short bursts of pain in my brain
My teeth hurt so bad I went to the dentist and they found no problem

I stuck with the medicine because I read it can take awhile to adjust in your body.  I should have called my physician - with hindsight I think the dosage may have been a little high for me.  Anyways, after 3 months of more suffering than usual I actually started to feel better.  I don't feel great, but I feel like the medicine may be helping.

I can relate in feeling my life is changed forever.  I was so healthy as a young girl/woman, my siblings are very healthy, it just seems so preposterous that I am experiencing such a degradation of health at 26!  

I hope a second opinion gives you more answers and peace of mind.  And hopefully the uncomfortable sensations/symptoms will subside given a little bit of time - as they did with me.
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