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Do I Have Hypothyroidism?

Age : 18
Sex : Male
Height : 173 cm
Weigh : 83.5 Kg
Existing Medical Issue: Depressive Symptoms
Current Medications:

Sertagress (25mg)
Licab XL (400mg)

Drug Use: None
Smoking Status: None  

I have been experiencing depressive symptoms for over 2 years now and have consulted a psychiatrist for the same. I have been receiving medication for over 3 weeks. He recommended a bunch of lab tests to find/ rule out medical causes of depression. Among those tests was a thyroid function test. In the report, my TSH level is 13.86 uIU/ml against the biological reference interval of 0.7-6.4. According to my research on the internet, this suggests hypothyroidism. But I took the blood test soon after recovering from a high fever. So my question is whether TSH levels change during / after a fever. If so, by how much do they generally fluctuate? Or do I definitely have hypothyroidism?
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Regarding the possible effect of high fever on TSH level, I cannot find a lot of info about that: however, the little that I did find does not confirm that possibility.  

Do you have any test data for the biologically active thyroid hormones, Free T4 and Free T#?  TSH is a pituitary hormone that id affected by numerous variables, to the extent that it is effective in diagnosing only overt primary hypothyroidism.   S it is best to always test for Free T4 and Free T3.  In addition, signs/symptoms should be the main concern.  A individual symptom can be non-specific, but having numerous symptoms typical of hypothyroidism is a strong indicator.  

So please review the following typical hypo symptoms used by Mayo Clinic and tell us which ones you have, if any, besides depression.

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