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Do I need Thyroid support? HPV16 rads and chemo 2018 - latest TSH 4.52? retest when?

Had 7 weeks of chemo and proton radiation for Base of Tongue HPV16 late 2018.  Started on 100mg then varying dosages Was on 150mg  levothyroxine.
Recently -had a TSH of  5.2 on a range of .3 - 4.2 mlU/L, show TPO of 28.3 on range of <.90 IU/ml,
They checked free T4 at 1.1 pm range of .9-1.7 ng/uL. Did not do T3.
Symptoms of low energy, constipation, weight gain, feeling cold much of the time, leg cramps, cholesterol.  Went thru that for 6 mos with the same TSH before they agreed to go to 175mg.

Ferratin 200 -Reference Range: 24-380 ng/mL

So How long should I wait before retest?  The Mayo Clinic tests were about 2 weeks ago, May 10th
Symptoms have improved a bit - chilliness is a bit less, constipation still there, energy up a little sometimes,

I see from other posts to test TSh, T3, T4, FREE T# & T$, ferratin, and some other items. Have been following *************************. Which tests to I need to get to run these by Dr. Christianson?


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Your symptoms are indicative of hypothyroidism, so IMO, increasing your dosage was the right thing to do.  

It's customary to re-test, approximately, 6 weeks after a dosage adjustment.  Tests that should be done each testing event are Free T4, Free T3 and TSH.  It looks like the range for your TPOab is
< 0.90.  Is that correct?  

Even though your Ferritin is well within its range, it's on the high side, which can indicate inflammation in the body, which could be present due to hypothyroidism.

Have you had a Vitamin B-12 or D test done?  If not, try to get those next time you have blood work.  Ferritin, Vitamins B-12 and D do not need to be tested every time you have blood work - a couple of times/yr for those should be sufficient.
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Thank you,

Will be buying my own testing again. Will go a complete thyroid panel like ************************* suggests unless you have a reference page for specific tests here.
will make sure the items you suggested get added. Thanks!
It's not necessary to get a full thyroid panel every time you test.  The only ones you really need are Free T4, Free T3 and TSH "every" time.  Once you've had antibody tests, you no longer need to do those each time you test.  If the test(s) are positive, you simply know you have Hashimoto's which doesn't go away.   If the tests are negative, you'd probably want to retest in, like, a year to see if anything has changed.   If you've never had a Reverse T3 (rT3), it would be good to have that as well, because that can help determine whether you're absorbing your medication or using it properly.

Vitamin B-12, D and Ferritin only need to be tested once/twice/yr.  

I'm not sure which website, you're getting info from as our site  bleeps out (***) out competing sites, which is why it's not coming through.  Since you're paying for your own tests, you can save a lot of money by only doing what necessary.   If case you aren't aware, there are websites from which you can order your labs at greatly reduced prices.
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