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Doctor thinks thyroid function test is not due

I have got a blood test booked for exactly 4-6 weeks after my new Levo dose has been started, however another doctor at my practice does not believe my thyroid needs retesting and has put me on anti-depressants, signed me off with "low mood" and referred me on for counseling.

I don't understand. Am I missing something? Why is he saying this?

Thanks for your help.
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The second doctor's comment is absurd.  You never put a patient on meds and then don't follow up.  The first doctor was absolutely right in scheduling labs for 4-6 weeks after starting meds.  

If I were you, I'd not start anti-depressants until your thyroid levels have been normalized.  
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Hi, thanks for your reply.

What makes it worse is that the second doctor I spoke to had seen my notes from the appointment I had before and knew that I needed to be retested within 4-6 weeks.
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I don't know why he's saying this.  Once on thyroid meds, levels have to be monitored.  At first, until we're adjusted properly and meds stabilize, that's usually every 4-6 weeks.  Once stable, the time between labs can be increased, with 6 months about the max.

What he told you is equivalent to giving a diabetic insulin then not testing his blood sugar afterwards...simply not done.  I hope you can continue on with the first doctor.  
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Thanks for your reply.

I will continue seeing the first doctor or my usual one as they seem to be more knowledgeable with my illness.

I'm just wondering, but is it possible that OCD, anxiety, depression and low mood be caused by hypothyroidism?

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Anxiety and depression are definitely hypo symptoms.  I'm sure it might contribute to OCD as well.
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Hi goolarra, thanks for your reply.

What I'm thinking of doing is to get an appointment this week or next with my usual GP and if I cannot persuade her to test my FT3 and FT4 levels - which I am sure the labs would not hesitate to do since they only test FT3 and FT4 levels if the TSH is abnormal - then I will go down the route of being tested privately.

It is something I begrudge doing since I am unemployed and on sick pay.
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They would probably test FT4 if your doctor ordered it, but from what I've been hearing, if you want FT3 in U.K., you save a lot of time going private.  I think that's a good idea, though, if you can swing it financially.  

Best of luck, and let us know what you find out.
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I just got my labs test back and was hoping I could get some feed back on my results.

THS 2.920
T4  7.1
T3   26

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As soon as goolarra sees your latest post, the first question would be if those are for Free T4 and Free T3, or Total T4 and T4?  Next would be what are the reference ranges shown on the lab report for those tests.   Test results always should be compared to their reference ranges.  
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