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Explanation of lab results.

Tsh  6. 520
T4 9.2
T3 30
Free thyroxine index 2.8
Neutrophils 37
Lymphs 53
Cholesterol 253
C-reactive protons 5.34
My symptoms fast weight gain specially around stomach,sever constipation , fatigue ,tiredness , memory loss, dry skin ,nerve inflammation and stiff joints , am only 37... But my mom and younger sis have the desies too .3 misscarygies as well. And do kneed to take medication at this point specially that am planning for a baby ?
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To give a good response, reference ranges are needed. Each lab has a slightly different reference range...so what is high (or low) at one lab could be a normal result with another.

That said, your TSH appears high and combined with your symptoms of weight gain, tiredness, memory loss and dry skin I would say you are hypothyroid and need to start on medication for that. You may want to see a specialist (an Endocrinologist) experienced with treating thyroid disorders. Don't delay treating this. The thyroid impacts pretty much your whole body and if it isn't functioning correctly, you are going to have extensive issues that will only get worse.

Your cholesterol is high...you need to see a nutritionist for a diet plan to try to control it through diet and exercise (pretty much eat a lot of whole grains and vegetables and cut WAAAAY back on red meat and cut out trans fat as completely as possible).

The Neutrophils and Lymphs are part of the WBC differential...I would like to see that ENTIRE differential and the total WBC count. That said, your Neutrophils look a tad low while the Lymphocytes are high which indicates some type of infection. You need to see a doctor who can look at the whole picture (labs, medical history, exam) to make a diagnosis.

I hope this helps!
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Getting your Thyroid levels correct will help your cholesterol as well.

Food/diet intake really does not affect your blood levels of cholesterol as much as often commonly thought and there are several studies out there recently starting to show this.  Taking or eating fiber with meals helps as well.  This is because the cholesterol binds to and essentially sticks to the fiber and it passes through your digestive track rather than get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Exercise helps for cholesterol too. As well as changing the ratio of bad to good cholesterol.

Niacin is also known to lower cholesterol  Usually taken at night before bed as your liver produces most of the cholesterol at night.  I was able to lower my cholesterol by taking 500 Mg of Niacin (non flushing) at night.  It actually had a larger effect lowering it than did the first Dr. prescribed statin to control cholesterol.

Please find out whether your lab results are FREE T3 & Free T4.  They sort of appear to be Total and not free numbers.  Total tests are outdated and generally of little value.  The term "free" comes from the fact that the thyroid hormone is NOT attached to a protein.  Because the body does NOT use any thyroid that is attached.  The "total" number counts BOTH free and attached Thyroid.  But since the body only uses the free ones, you can see why the free test is more valuable than total.
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