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Eyebrow hair loss hypothyrodism?

Hello everyone I am here to ask a question about eyebrow hair loss. In November I noticed my left eyebrow started to thin and eventually by mid December the hair from the left side of my eye to the middle of the eyebrow is gone it looks like someone shaved it off. I am 24 years old and this has never happened before I'm actually a really hairy person. I still have not had the hair grow back and it's only the left eyebrow so far. I went to my doctor and she did a tsh test and the results were normal at 1.6 I asked her to do a full thyroid panel with t3,t4 and thyroid antibodies and she told me no to just "watch it". Eventually I wrote her back and she said I don't know what else to do and sent me a refferal for dermatology totally wasting my time .. Anyways I have an appointment next week with derm and wanted to know if anyone has experienced this with thyroid problems? Along with what I should do I am overweight and have been working out and lose weight very slowly, I have cold hands and feet but normal feeling body temp, always tired as well. Thank you
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Losing the outer part of the eyebrows is a classic symptom of hypothyroidism, as is weight gain/inability to lose, cold intolerance and fatigue.  

While your TSH is "normal", your doctor did a great disservice by refusing to order Free T4 and Free T3 (not just T4 and T3, which indicates Total T4 and Total T3, which aren't the same tests).  It's very possible you could have a condition called Secondary hypothyroidism, in which the thyroid actually works fine, but the pituitary isn't producing enough TSH to stimulate it adequately to produce the T4 and T3.  Secondary hypothyroidism is a pituitary issue, not a thyroid issue.

You say you're really a very hairy person... if you have a pituitary issue, there could be other hormones affected, as well.  You should talk to your doctor and ask to get reproductive hormones tested.  

There's a condition called PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) that some young women get that also cause weight issues, excess hair growth, etc.  PCOS can cause conception and other problems if not treated.  

We can tell you where you can get tests done without a doctor's order, but insurance won't cover them and you may need more than just the thyroid tests. If your current doctor won't help you, don't hesitate to find another...
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