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FNA Biopsy

Hi Everyone!

I am new to this!  I was diagnosed with a 2.5cm thyroid nodule recently.  My Endocrinologist scheduled an ultrasound of this nodule assuming it would be just a benign growth.  After having the ultrasound, the doctor called me within a few hours and said that I had to have a FNA as the nodule has microcalcifications, a solid blood flow, etc.  She said it definitely has the characteristics of a malignancy.  So...I am scheduled for the FNA tomorrow morning and I am extremely anxious!  Can anyone tell me what it was like?  Painful, uncomfortable?  
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Thank you for all of your support, help and guidance!  It's over!  My FNA wasn't too much fun but at least it's done!  Now the wait.  It is so nice to be able to come here and get answers and support from you who have been through it.  Thank you - Thank you!!
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I’m scheduled for my biopsy Wednesday. Will you expand on “ not too much fun?” Im freaking. I have generalized anxiety that is out of control anyways, so I don’t know how I can be still or not cough or sneeze or jump if it hurts. I’m not afraid of pain if it’s anywhere but near my windpipe. :((
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I to havd the same thing. It was cancer, NOT to alarm you or anything. But the pathology will tell. Get the whole thing out. Mine was only on the right side. BUt had sread in the lymph nodes. I ahd RAI and I still have cancer. Welcome to the roller coaster ride, However the stats say is is only a small percentage it could be if it is find out the type, if it is in the fatty tissue and fell free to ask us any question you may have allot ofus on the board have cancer or have had it. It is curable! It might take one or two time of RAI or none at all! Surgery might just be the cure!!! Chin up!!! What ever it is we are all here to talk to!!!
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Hi. I agree with everything corky13 said.  I had biopsy with no numbing meds and only felt a little discomfort.  I had 2 nodules biopsied with 3 needle sticks per nodule.  Just make sure the biopsy is done with ultrasound guidance for accuracy.  I did have some swelling for a few days after but no pain.  Try to stay calm and know that all will go fine.

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still awaiting pathology report
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It usually isn't bad.  There's a link in the health pages above which is really very helpful.

Please keep us posted on how you do and the FNA results and WELCOME!!!!!

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Hi. I know exactly how you feel. I just had a FNA last week. It is honestly easier than going to the dentist to have a tooth filled. They usually numb the area before doing the biopsy, but I was told that the shot for numbing the area was the worst part and I opted to try it without the numbing. It really was nothing....just the pressure of the needle going into the nodule felt strange. Try not to stress over it.......I know easier said than done. Good Luck!
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