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FNA vs. a Core Biopsy

I have a goiter and multinodular growths w/ no indications of cancer. Since the initial testing several years ago (radionucular scan and FNA), I have only been observed periodically. A recent ultrasound showed some enlargement on the goiter (was 3, now is 4) and instead of another FNA, my ENT wants me to have a core biopsy. I have heard that the core biopsy(which would be done by a radiologist) is quite  painful and can be traumatic. My question is: why, when my TSH levels are normal and my first FNA had clear results, should I have a core biopsy rather than another FNA w/ultasound?
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Hi, I had a FNA but the results were inconclusive. This resulted in the nodule being removed plus half my thyroid along with it. Now on Thyroxine because thyroid has become underactive.
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I had FNA and core biopsies done at the same time by a radiologist on my 2 largest nodules. They tried for the third, but due to its location, they were only able to do FNA.  I was told that they can get better results from the core biopsy, as it's an actual piece of tissue rather than just cells.  

I was numb, and it was uncomfortable due to the pressure of the ultrasound guide more than anything.  The worst part was the loud click the punch biopsy "needle" makes when they take the sample....it's so close to your ears!   I won't lie - I was incredibly sore afterwards, but ice packs and ibuprofen (after 24 hours) helped.  

Good luck!
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The core biopsy is usually performed if the follicular cells were found during the FNA, or the FNA was incomclusive.
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Just to be certain b/c it gets a larger section of the nodule (a punch biopsy) so as not to miss any cancer cells ... it is more conclusive than an FNA from what I understand.

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