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Feel Bad need help with labs any suggestions?

I have been feeling bad for several years. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid but never felt back to the old me. Not sure if I ever will. Wondering do people ever feel like they did before?

Thyroglobulin     12.4      (ng/ml)          3-10 optimal
Total T4                2.3      (ug/dl)           5-10.8
Free T4                0.7       (ug/dl)          0.7-2.5
Free T3                2.8       (pg/ml)         2.5-6.5
TSH                      2.2       (uU/ml)         0.5-3.0
TPO                    28.0       (IU/ml)          0-150 (70-150 boarderline)
Vitamin D3          41.0     (ng/ml)          32-100
Iodine                 550.82   (uU/g CR)    100-300 optimal
Bromine/CR    4354.10   (uU/g CR)     893.5--5696.3
Selenium/CR       32.79   (uU/g CR)     50--175 optimal
Arsenic/CR          11.48   (uU/g CR)     3.3--138
Creatinine/CR        0.61   (uU/g CR)     0.3--3.0
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This is a essentially a duplicate of another thread.
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Being new...I wasnt sure how to update my thread. I guess I accidently made two of the same. Sorry. IS there a way to delete one?
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I reported it as a dupe.  MedHeld moderators, where are you?  LOL

You can't remove it, but they will when they have a chance.
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Looks like the otherone with all the good comments was deleted. :(
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