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Flu Vaccine and Hashimotos?

With COVID-19 in our world, and potential vaccine coming up, I had a question about Hashimoto's and how it reacts with vaccines.  

I have never had the flu shot but am thinking about it this year since this could be a tough year with both the flu and COVID-19 circulating during the winter.  I'm curious if anyone has Hashimoto's and takes the flu vaccine, or not, and if any adverse effects?  I've read that since our immune systems are already revved up, the vaccine can cause more damage to our Thyroid because the flu vaccine is stimulating it.

I realize everyone will have different experiences, so just would like to hear any opinions and experiences.

Thank you!
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I've had Hashimoto's for, at least, 12 yrs (that's how long I've known I have it and probably had it for years before that).   I've had the flu shot almost every year for the past 10-15 yrs and have only once had an adverse reaction.  That was quite a while before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's.  In other words, keeping in mind that everyone is different, there shouldn't be any reason not to get the flu shot.   You might not want to get the flu shot "during" a Hashimoto's flare, otherwise there shouldn't be any problem.  
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Thank you Barb!  This helps.  Follow-up question:  how do we determine if we are having a Hashimoto's flare?  Are there some common symptoms?  Thanks!
A Hashimoto's flare might contain several sudden symptoms similar to those of hypothyroidism that appear somewhat suddenly - constipation, cold intolerance, unexplained weight gain, muscle/joint aches/pains, pale dry skin.  A Hashimoto's flare might also include an enlarged/swollen thyroid (goiter).  The swollen thyroid could accompany feelings of something stuck in the throat, difficulty swallowing, etc.

If you're feeling good and don't seem to have symptoms or problems, you're most likely not having a flare.
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