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Free T4 Test Results

Free T4 test results, 16.8,Normal range 4.8-13.9
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Well, your Free T4 result is well above the range.  Was that the only test done for you?   Please post any others, along with ranges.  

What symptoms are you having?  Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid problem?
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T3.6,normal 2.3-4.2
Treated for hypothyroidism
Fainted & Fell3 times a night,insomnia, fatique
snythroid witched to 6 1/2 pills a wk.112Including tirosint in place of snythroid 2days  wk.
From .112  7 days a wk.
Cytomel 5mg.
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Thankyou for replying
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From those test results and limited info on symptoms, it appears that you are over medicated.  Has your doctor seen the test results?  If so, what was the doctor's reaction?  Do you have any other condition that might account for fainting?   What other medications/supplements are you taking and what dosage?
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lowered dosage snythroid 112  6 1/2days a wk
from .112 snythroid 7 days a wk
Dr lowered dosage after reaction to high dosage
symptoms:insomnia, night sweats, dizziness
dosage lowered 8./25
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Took Ambien 5mg night I fainted & fell.
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Well, obviously I wouldn't take any more Ambien.  I'd work on getting the Free T3 and Free T4 down in the range, instead of above the range.  

I am a bit confused by your average daily dosage over the whole week.  If you take all the T4 med for the whole week and divide by 7 days, what is the average daily amount that you were taking previously?  And what is the new daily dosage?  Was the T3 med eliminated entirely?

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cytomel 5mg did not change
.100 average
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If I understand correctly, you reduced your T4 from 112 daily to 100.  Is that correct?  If so, then I don't think the reduction in T4 is enough.  And why would you continue with the T3 med, since your Free T3, as I understand the results, is well over the range also.  I don't understand what your doctor is trying to do.
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Free T3 correction   3.6
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FreeT3 correction --3.6          Normal 2.3-4.2
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How much reduction do you think Dr. should prescribe?
Taking100mg since 8/25
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results faxed to endochronologist 9/10.  Called office for reply on snythroid amount dosage.  PCP did blood tests suggested dosage lowering.
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That correction on the Free T3 result changes the picture a lot.  Looking at your Free T4 being over the range substantially, and your Free T3 being about 68 % of its range, that means that you are not converting the T4 to T3 very well.  Your Free T3 has been driven up that high only by driving your Free T4 well above range.  

I expect that you could easily drop to 75 mcg of T4, but you need to discuss that with your doctor.  Be aware that as T4 dosage is decreased, your Free T3 is going to diminish also.  If it drops too much, you may see a return of hypo symptoms, requiring some T3 med to increase your Free T3.  

Another thing we haven't gotten into is that hypo patients frequently find that they are too low in the ranges for Vitamin D, B12, and ferritin.  So it would be a good idea to have those tested as well.  
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endo is having me not take snythoid for two days.Then he has given me new prescription of.100 daily.
This was just after I added symptoms today.of insomnia, dizzinees,fatigue,night sweats Before that he said it was high end of normal and manintain meds at current level.
He said.75mg was too great a change.
Vitamin D was low ,but lab  in june was normal.  I take 2000 Vit D.
Vitamin B12 was normal.
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This was  a total T4test,not a Free T4 test
PCP office did wrong tes tI asked for FreeT4 test
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"Normal" is an inadequate description.  The range is far too broad to be functional from bottom to top.  B12 needs to be in the upper third of the range.  What was the actual number for B12?  Same question for Vitamin D.  You also need to test for ferritin at next opportunity.  I'll be surprised if the drop to 100 mcg of T4 is adequate, but time will tell.
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Well I took .75mcg today.  
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2 days no snythroid also,but think I will continue 75 mcg,since insurance won't pay for new snythroid for 2 weeks.Not going to skip 2 days
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Really light headed this evening.
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feeling faint
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took 3/4 pill .112 for 3 days.,,took.112mg sat,
slept 7 hrs fri nite
Taking .100mg sunday
son's wedding is oct 6 12 hrs away in Boston.  
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I don't understand your dosing... You said your doctor thought a drop to 75 mcg was too much, then you said on the 12th (Thurs) that you would continue to take 75 mcg since insurance won't pay for a new script for 2 weeks; then yesterday you're saying that you took 112 mcg for 3 days and are taking 100 mcg on Sun...  Please be more specific about your actual prescribed dosage.  Is the cytomel, still part of your prescribed dosage and are you still taking it?

If your dosage is changed, your insurance should pay for a new script, without having to wait 2 weeks.  I've never known an insurance company to force a patient to stay on a dosage that's not right for them.  I've had dosages changed within days of getting a script refilled and my insurance has never denied it.  It's only the same script that they will only fill at certain intervals

It takes 4-6 weeks for any med/dosage change to take effect.  If the drop to 100 mcg isn't enough, you can talk to your endo about trying 88 mcg.  

The light headedness and feeling faint, most likely, has more to do with low blood pressure or low blood sugar, than with the thyroid med. You should contact your doctor if those symptoms persist, as they could indicate another serious condition.
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Took 3/4 of .112mg for3 days.  Now taking 100m.mg
Light headed,faintness much improved.
little sleep.slept 7 hrs after 3 days on 3/4of .112mg.,sleep
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