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Frustrated with New Doctor

Well I finally got a response from the New Dr.  She won't fax me my labs, but I can pick up a copy.  She said my TSH was normal.  I asked about T3 and T4 and she said that she didn't test them.  I explained that with my Hashi's I have always had them tested as one level gets worse and that's when my symptoms get so bad, which they have been.  She said that is not how she treats her Hypothyroid patients.  Although I am Hypo with Hashi's, Hashi's is different than someone with just hypothyroidism correct?  A hypo patient can go on one level of meds for years, whild me, with Hashi's needs to be continuously monitored and my meds change a couple times a year.
    She told me that my antibodies test was higher than it should be.  I said that there would be antibodies since I have Hashi's.  She said, yes but she was testing for different types of antibodies and that she needs me to retake the test to verify.  Anyone have any idea what she might be looking for?
    She also told me that my cholesterol is 222 and that my blood sugar was a little high, but not enough to worry.  I go back in today to get more blood work because I insisted that she do a T3 and T4 and she wants another antibodies test.  She reluctantly agreed.  I will pick up the previous labs while I am there and then finally post some results, even though it is going to be TSH.  Sigh.....
    Starting to think I should look for an endo.
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Sounds like you need to find a thyroid specialist for sure. Good for you in standing your ground and demanding complete testing for your thyroid!! :)
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Got my labs.  The TSH is .854 (pretty low and totally in normal range) and my ANA is 103.   Wasn't able to get copies of previous tests that showed T3 and T4 because apparently my old doctor has not sent my chart to the new doctor.
   If my T3 and T4 come back normal then why do I feel so tired and why do all my joints hurt etc...  Sigh.
   We'll see where we go from here.  :-)
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your the only one who responded to me several weeks ago, can you read my posts i finaly went to an endocrologist", im not sure how to use this forum to get to my old posts so i dont have to explain everything again. i hope someone is listing out there, i am so frustrated....mimisandy
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