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Frustrated with doctors!

Hello everyone. I have been struggling with hashimoto's for 3 years now. I have a predisposition of mental disorders, including a background of PTSD, so every doctor I find just wants to kick up my psych meds since the thyroid disorder has pushed my anxiety and related symptoms into overdrive but nothing is working! My current doctor took more of an interest in my thyroid care than the previous ones but has since focused on mental health instead of trying to treat the cause. He is just a GP so I understand that it is not his area of expertise but I haven't found an Endo or anyone else in my area, or with my insurance, that has been (our would be) of any more assistance. I have been out of work since the crash before the diagnoses and I feel awful all the time. My anxiety is at an all time high, to the point I rarely want to leave my house or participate in any sorry of activity. Even activities with my children! It's breaking me! My last labs were 6 months ago and my doc decided not to continue lab work bc my last results were "in normal range." Is there any advice that anyone has in searching for a new doctor, any lifestyle changes, or anything at all that could help. At the end of my rope here and I have this feeling of hopelessness that I will never be me again or be able to live my life again, rather just existing in it. Thanks a bunch! Chelly
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Are you taking thyroid meds?  If so, which and how much?

Please post your last thyroid labs and include reference ranges.  Ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own lab report.  For how long has your doctor suspended lab work?
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Sounds like you are going through a really tough time.  I am sure you can find some help here with your thyroid issues.  Let's start by having a look at your thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.  Also please tell us more specifically about symptoms you have.  Are you taking any thyroid meds?  If so, please tell us the name of the med and your daily dosage.  
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       ANA (Antinuclear Antibodies) Panel, Serum Normal
       ANA Screen, Ifa: negative Final
       Thyroid Peroxidase (Tpo) Ab, Serum Normal
       Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies: <1 IU/mL Final
       T4, Free, Serum Normal T4, Free: 1.0 NG/dL Final
       TSH, Serum Normal Tsh: 1.86 mIU/L Final
       T3, Free, Serum Normal T3, Free: 3.4 pg/mL Final
07/19/2015 Interpretation Interpretation: Final
        HbA1C (Hemoglobin a1C), Blood Normal
        Hemoglobin a1C: 5.2 % of total HGB
T4, Free, Serum Normal T4, Free: 1.2 NG/dL Final
TSH, Serum Normal Tsh: 0.89 mIU/L Final
T3, Free, Serum Normal T3, Free: 2.9 pg/mL Final
T4, Free, Serum Normal T4, Free: 1.0 NG/dL Final
TSH, Serum Normal Tsh: 0.71 mIU/L Final
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I'm really not sure about the reference ranges. This was copy/pasted directly from my patient portal. I'm currently on 50 MG of levothyroxine. This was done in July and last week he told me he would not retest bc my last results were "normal." He doubled my dose of venlafaxine to 150mg and Asus he wants to change me to legit mood stabilizers at the end of the month during my next visit.
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In the last year alone, I have developed extreme social anxiety, not being able to cope with even the slightest confrontations, overreacting to everything and just such extreme highs and lows in a daily basis. I have done trial and error with so many different home remedies and vitamins and even hobbies and people that used to help lower my anxiety are no longer effective. I feel like I just keep spiraling and I wonder how far I still have left to fall before anyone or anything will be able to help.
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I don't understand the two different results for Free T3, Free T4, and TSH.  Were they from different times?

Reference ranges should show up somewhere on your patient portal, otherwise how would the doctor know your results were "normal'?
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Ok glad I'm not the only one that could not understand the readings. This new doctor sends me my results online and that's the only info available for me to see. I have been wanting to talk to him about many things, including how to read the lab results, but he is always so busy that I'm rushed to remember. I feel like if I ask too many questions or give off a full list of symptoms, he looks at me like I'm a hypochondriac. That's why I just want to find a new doctor. Problem is....it's always the same reactions. About ready to give up on it altogether!
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If you are in the US, by law if you request in wrting your lab results they Dr. MUST send you the entire lab report.  

As I understand it, this means all the results and not just a synopis etc but the full report.

Since your Dr seems less than helpful, it may make sense to put your request for the any and all recent lab results in writing.

the lab results should have the reference ranges.  The fact that you seem to be getting results with just a number and with different readings for the same tests and no reference ranges is odd.  

You need to at least get to the bottom of your actual lab results by date and including he reference range.

Also many have found in order to feel well on thyroid medication, they need to have BOTH of the following.

1) Free T4 to be in the MIDDLE of the range or slightly higher. This means
50% or a bit more of the range.  

AND- THis means in addition to #1

2) Free T3 to be in the middle to UPPER 1/3 of the range. Leaning more towards the upper 1/3 of the range. This  means 50% to 67% of the range leaning more towards the 67% of the range.

PLEASE notice that BOTH of these results must be at or above the middle of the range. Simply being "within the normal range" is NOT, repeat NOT sufficient or good enough for MANY if not most people!

While your numbers are not horrible if we ASSUME the ranges we typically see. They are also not great either.  Making this assumption your Free T4 would be only at about 20% of the range for example.  Yes within the reference range, but a pretty far cry from 50% which would leave plenty of potential for improvement.  But again this is all based upon assumption.

Have you had your cortisol levels chacked?

While some people do not need antianziety medication once they get their thyroid levels balanced. Some people may need to be on them for a time in order to get their Cortisol and adrenal levels under control in order for the thyroid to start to work.  At which point it may be possible to reduce and/or eliminate the anxiety medication.

Each person is different and feels well at different levels.
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I take buspiron for anxiety disorder not otherwise specified
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