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Full or Partial Thyroidectomy?

I have a 3 cm complex cold nodule with some obstructive symptoms (cough, swallowing) and will get the results of a needle biopsy in a few days.  My understanding is that the lump has to come out, that it will be a partial thyroidectomy, and that if there are cancer cells in the needle biopsy sample then the entire thyroid should come out.  If the results of the biopsy are negative or inconclusive then I have to chose whether to have a full or partial thyroidectomy, with the surgeon and my GP leaning toward having the whole thing out, "but it's still up to you". So what then should I do?
Why not just take the lump and see what it turns out to be, and leave the thyroid for now? I'm about to turn 50, in good health, fit, reasonably energetic.
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This is a personal opinion that no-one here can answer for you.
They can tell you their personal stories but cannot advise you on whether to have full or partial TT.
Bumping this post up so others may post and explain things to you about whats happened with them.
Good luck with the biopsy :)
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Hi Laura,
I am surprised they're giving you the option. Usually, they take out one side biopsy it and if it's cancer, you go for the second surgery to remove the rest.

I had two... but 12 years apart. Personally, my surgery experience both times was not too bad, so I'd take my chances with the two surgeries. I am in my second week of not having a thyroid so I have not had any horror stories yet.

Good Luck!!!
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