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Graves disease

I have had my thyroid removed as I had a cancerous nodule in it. I was told I might have TAO because I have had dry eye syndrome for years and also a persistent pain in my neck. Do you think I have Gaves ophthalmopathy?
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Many thanks for your clear answer. I´ll certainly go to a good ophtalmologist and hope I have merely thyroid cancer and dry eye syndrome.
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It is possible, but I have never heard of neck pain associated with Graves Eye Disease.

The symptoms are excessive tearing, a gritty feeling like sand in the eyes.  Advanced cases have bulging of the eyes and lid retraction, and often double vision.

The disease is due to antibodies attacking the muscles of the eyes, which cause a fat like substance to be deposited in the muscles behind the eyes.  Eventually, enough fat is deposited that the muscles have no place to expand inside the bony socket, and the eyes push out the front.  The unnatural exposure to air is what causes the tearing and gritty feeling (because the lids don't conver the eyeballs sufficiently any more).

I believe there is a blood test for the antibodies that cause GED, if you have reason to believe you have it, you can ask to have the test run.  Also, see a good ophthalmologist who treats thyroid eye disease sooner rather than later, as it will be better if the disease is followed from its early stages.

I hope you don't have Graves Eye Disease, as it is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  Good luck to you.
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