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Graves disease

I have had G.D for three years and the doctor called me and told me to stop taking the tapazol. I have been taking to much for to long and now its 9.0. Do I still have G.D? Now I am taking Levoxyl just for 30 days to bring my tsh down- My body feels like I have been on a wild roller coaster!
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WELCOME to our Community! I am not well versed with GD but wanted to say hello.

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Graves is an autoimmune disease and unfortunately for life. Controlling whether they raise or suppress is key to beating the symptoms of the disease.

If you are on Levo now - your labs must be abnormal and now lean towards hypoT levels. You would feel like [email protected] right now with the swinging patterns you have been on.

"Once Graves.... always Graves" is the saying here. But I am positive your endo or ??? after finding TSI ( Graves) antibodies in testing - did not run TPOab - or Tgab test to make sure you weren't Hashi/Graves....

I'd push for more tests - if you are Hashi/Graves right now - it's very difficult to control....
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My guess is ...you have been on a dose of antithyroid meds that was too high and instead of decreasing it as he/she should have.....you have gone hypo from it.
Be very careful you dont go hyper with the T4 med as with Graves, the thyroid tends to 'swing' from hyper to hypo to hyper very quickly.

You do need the antibodies test done again to in fact find out whether you are drug induced hypo or if your thyroid has died off (which I doubt).
I know someone online that has had Graves for 25 years and still has a functioning thyroid.So the old saying that eventually the Graves will 'burn out the thyroid' isnt always correct.

Either way...you need to be monitored closely.
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Hi Stella,

For 3 years I have been terribly sick! I was actually up and down before that but 3 years ago they diagnosed me with congestive heart failure. now I finally changed doctors and he asked me if anyone checked my thyroid and I said I didn't know. Here are my #'s:
TPO AB 1054
TSH Receptor AB 1054
Thyroglob AB .9
My first TSH was .24 and the second was .56
LDL 148
HDL 41
Another lady said she thinks its graves disease. Do you agree? I've been reading up on it and it's all so overwhelming that I need some down to earth terms. I feel absolutely like **** all the time. I catch every virus that comes around. Nothing seems to fix it. I've been on more antibiotics known to man. I've had strep throat 2 times in 3 years. I've even had mono! MONO???? I'm 48 years old and I don't have a partner!!! Please, any insight would be appreciated!
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Oops, I forgot the Free T4 which was .90
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