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Had a TT, in Hypothyroidism & waiting treatment plan

I had a feeling all along that it was cancer.  I went through so much the last 3 months to come to this conclusion.  Had my TT on Nov. 19th.  I got my pathology report back last Monday, the 1st.  
I was diagnosed with Multi-focal papillary microcarcinoma.  I had 5 nodules that had it in there.  3 on the right, 1 on the left and 1 on the isthmus. They were small amounts and varied in size from 2.0 mm and the biggest was 6.0 mm.  The 6 mm one on the isthmus demonstrates very focal capsular penetration into fat. It also comes very close to the cauterized margin and it wasn't possible to determine if it actually extends to this margin.  (Does that mean it could of spread?)

Saying all of that and reading and trying to figure things out.. I am 2 1/2 weeks into hypothyroidism and waiting to hear about treatment. I am waiting for the BC Cancer Agency to review and give me a call this week on an appt.

How long is my body ok without thyroid meds?  Should I be starting a low iodine diet so I am ready if they do a scan?   Do you think I will have to have just a scan or RAI?  It is nearing Christmas so I am wondering if they will even touch me before or after?
Hypothyroidism is hitting. I am cold more then hot. Crying then agitated and completely wiped out.. Any other things I should look out for. I know each person is different.

I have so many questions and am a bit frustrated with no answers so I am asking for help... I am trying to be positive but I find in hypothyroidism it is sometimes hard. I just want to get this dealt with and get on meds.  
Thank you fellow friends for your help.    
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I forgot to add that I had a severe drop in my calcium levels and ended up in the hospital again for 4 nights. On mega doses of calcium and waiting for my levels to get normal again..  
I think the calcium has no iodine in them so can I still take them while waiting for RAI?
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I'm so sorry you have this to deal with.  I hope you get a lot of feedback from those here who have gone through cancer.

I also hope your calcium levels come back to normal soon.  Perhaps asking a pharmacist about the calcium/iodine might help.

We're here to offer help as well as moral support.

Take good care.
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Lzimm sorry to  hear about this.. I was diagonsed with my Papillary cancer in 2007 and had my TT in mar 2007.. the surgeon took out most of the cancer he could find and he also removed 2 of my parathyroid glands too.. I also ended up in the hospital for low blood calcium levels... I had to take Calictrol in order to control the blood calcium levels and also pop a lot of calcium tablets... My doctor didnt let me Thyroid medications after my surgery cause my RAI treatment was on Apr 2007.. I started taking my thyroid medications 24 hrs after the RAI

I took the calcium tablets and Calcitrol for few months and then my endo weened me off the Calcitrol and i used to take 6 calcium tablets a day.. but now i take 2 -3 a day.

If u need more information dont hesitate to ask..
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