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Hands tingling when I wake up--anyone else?

Is anyone else experiencing numbness in their hands at night? I often wake up and my hands are "asleep." I read somewhere that this is a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. Could it be thyroid related? It only happens when I'm asleep. I do have low calcium issues, but I wonder why this only happens when I'm sleeping. I'll bring this up at my next appointment, but I'm curious if anyone else has this problem.
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I blame excess weight for this and diet. When i get my weight down and am eating healthy this doesnt happen, yet when i put the weight back on it starts up again. Diet, weight and circulation issues.
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Thank you for this information. My numb hands ,and  fingers have not  been this  way for a  long time. It just  started this month.Just  today  my feet  started to tingle. I dont  think  its  Carpal tunnel   but  then  again  it  might be...the  symptoms  came  on very  quick with me.(Just in the  last  two weeks) Im  40 and  I am  over weight  5'5  240lbs. I will start  in on the Vit. this week  and  see if  it  helps...If not  I will make  a  trip to the  doctors  office. Last year  my thumbs started to hurt , I was  thinking it was due to my golf game....(my back swing  *****)  Again  thank you...
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Hi - I have had trouble wth my right hand, with tingling all over since I got the lower
T3 values.  I had a neuro do an EMG and found nothing.  I had a series of neck xrays
also.  Been going to chiropractic for years and have a good spinal and neck series.
I found out that I was born with an extra cervical rib C7, but I never had any problems
with it before  I had the T3 value lower than normal  I had bi-lateral carpal tunnel
surgery in 2000 and the EMG this time found NOTHING.  I think it is related to
the thyroid.  I have also had muscle spasms in my left arm mostly and twitching.
Right now I am battling to get some supplement for My T3, has not been easy and
have internist appt. tomorrow, not too optimistic, but hope for the best,  This stuff
is not easy - I hope that helped you, Carla
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Hand numbness or worse, tingling with pain, does not just have one cause. Seems a lot of hypo people have this, as it is a known hypo symptom. It may feel like Carpal Tunnel and may or may not be.

True Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is pinching of the Median Nerve inside the wrist only.

Why this happens:The Median Nerve can be entrapped at another location as well as the Ulnar Nerve (any nerves really). Since both go up your arm to your neck -under your clavical but above the top rib, there is plenty of opportunity to get pinched. Nerves are encased in shielths not unlike bicycle control cables. Anywhere along the path the nerves can get 'stuck' in these shieths, creating numbness at the END of the nerve.

Accompanying muscle tightness in the neck or hip / glutes area can pinch nerves and create numbness at the end of the nerves - the hands or legs. It does not take much to create the numbness. If you are still Hypo or hyper your muscle function and recovery can be a little messed up to say the least. All this can create nerve damage that takes a while to heal.

Vitamin and adrenal testing might be worth looking into. Vit D, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, B12 are the big ones. For some people T3 relives most muscle tension and nerve tingling / numbness. You only get closer to the answer by trying new things. T3, vitamins, trigger point therapy and nerve glide stretches (google it)  have made me 90% better, who knows when or if it will get to 100%.

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Well, Im a latecomer to this baord. There just isnt a whole lot of activity on the thyroid boards it seems...  For thepast two months Ive been asking up with numb hands. Not painful or tingly, just plain numb. Now the interesting thing is this: I know if you fall asleep w your hand between your knees or curled up under your head, it'll go numb. I sleep on my back , with my hands at my sides! And  this has been happening occasionally, sometimes for a few days in a row. Is this a thyroid issue (i'm hypo, onm 112 mcg), or something different?

Im worried because this hasnt happened b4, and maybe it could be a early sign of something bad :(  Why is it an occasional occurrence? Why with my hands outstretched? Hands dont go numb during the day, but what if they do?  Male, early 30s, concerned.
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wow, this thyroid thing is a kicker...I was well 6 months ago, got a routine blood test and they diagnosed hypothyroidism...wish i had gone the natural route first, THEN seen..right now i feel caught up in traditional doctors...i am now on .050 synthyroid and NOW have syptoms! Like you-pain! all over, my body tweaks here and there in cramplike spurts. I wouldn't call it numbness, but it is disturbing. i have also had a low grade headache, almost constant, for a month since upping from .025 to .050...doctor says i needed to double up, but NOW i dont feel "right". grrrrrr
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I have been suffering with numbness in my hands, and lack of circulation in my feet. I had a dream last night in which a doctor approached me and told me that this was due to Hashimoto disease, which I have had for over 30 years.
At first it was only during the night and with some shaking of my hands and rubbing the circulation got better.
For instance, right now I have been up for about 2 hours and my right hand is still quite numb and hurts.  I can use it but not well.
My little fingers are getting weak.  If first noticed this while typing.  I could not depress the shift button for capitol letters.  The left little finger is affected more than the right one.
My feet hurt when I walk.  Typically one would think that the bones or muscles would hurt, but what hurts is the actual skin.  The skin on my feet feel as if I have walked through splinters of glass.  It really hurts.  Nothing seems to relieve this problem.
I have a difficult time enjoying simple walks.  I can only walk so far because my feet are telling me that it feels as if I am walking through a field of broken glass.  I just can't figure out what to do.  There is no broken skin, no blisters - nothing apparent to treat.  I have tried to let calouses go (build) on my feet but this only makes the problem worse.  If the calouses build then they put so much pressure on the bottom of my feet that my feet develop bleeding cracks in the skin.
I worked a temporary job the other day where I was required to do sorting of a stack of papers.  I noticed in the middle of it my right hand began to numb, when I slowed down my hand was no longer numb.
If there is a solution other than not walking and not using one's hands I would like to hear it.
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I too have the numbness & tingling in my hands and arms.  I have Hashimoto's Disease.  I guess this is one of the many things we have to learn to live with, while seeking some relief.  Good luck & God Bless.
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I had the exact thing only mine in the right  hand was extremely painful! YES it was carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  

It happens at night because we curl are wrist.. tuck them under ar heads.. etc  which causes the little nerves things that run up to our hand and fingers irrated!  try wearing wrist splints.
I sleep with one on each hand.. Walgreens has the short ones
I hope this helps I had a partial on my thryoid 3 weeks ago.. dont think that is related.. my doc says watch for tingling in the face .. nose..! take care.

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I too have the asleep hands/arms which are symptoms of thyroid disease.  They mimic carpal tunnel - actually, I think it actually could be carpal tunnel brought on by thyroid issues.  I'm having cramps in my legs again too, which I can't seem to understand why because at last check, my TSH level was .45 and F74 was 1.08.  My T4 was flagged a bit low so they increased me 12 mcg. to 175mcg, which I can't imagine my thyroid getting worse on an increase.....we'll see in a few weeks at the next testing.

Good luck to you!
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I have had this feeling of carpal tunnel going on also with this whole ordeal.  I don't think it's calcium related because I take supplements.  I am hoping that all of my nasty symptoms will go away after my surgery next Wednesday.
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I have had tingling in my arms  when I been sleeping and I have Low Calcium issues also since my surgery. But this is something I have always had even before my TT. So I can't blame it on  low calcium.
Whenever I  sit on my foot or cross my leg for any lenght of time it goes numb. I have also had this problem for as long as I can remember. So I once again can't blame it on my low  Calcium issues. The only thing I can say is it has not been as bad since I had surgery but I do still have it happen to me.
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I too have noticed this... it has gotten better since I have had a baby and started on CPAP treatment... I would like to know if you find out anything about this... it was so bad at one point that my hand would be 'dead', it was that numb--

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