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Has anyone tried time released T3?

Hi everyone!
I am about to start replacing my cytomel with a time release form of T3. I read an article online by Dr. Lowe which said that cytomel is better than time release, which makes me nervous. My own Dr. doesn't like cytomel because of the ups and downs it causes with temperature, etc.
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I am so interested in the time release T3 medicine. It seems to have just surfaced within the last few months here at MH and people are constantly asking about it.

I spoke to the compound pharmacy about a month ago about it too and heard very similiar information as you have posted.

I haven't been back to the doctor yet that cares for my meds - but I surely will be bringing this up to her to discuss on March 5th

Who knows... maybe this is the optimal med to use??
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I'm on a combination of T4 and slow-release T3 from a compound chemist. I have never tried cytomel so I don't know if it feels different. My doctor gave me the SR T3 because he says it gives you constant dose throughout the day, like a normal thyroid would. I take mine at 7:20am and 6pm.  I do feel that it interferes with my sleep a bit...as in I sometimes stay up until 11pm...whereas before I used to go to bed around 9:30 -10pm. Also, I get some heart palpitations especially with my night dose (about 1hr after taking med), and my hair falls out more. I did feel more 'awake' the first 2 weeks on it but now I'm tired again.

I feel that the T3 has helped me in reducing depression immensely. So I'm happy about that :-)  

Were you on cytomel before? Do you also take T4?

I also read Dr Lowe's website and also made me a bit concerned. I think Cytomel might be better in the sense that the T3 is not hanging around so much and your vitamins and food will not interfere so much. So, I'm kind of tempted to ask for cytomel instead..also because you can let it dissolve under you tongue....where as with my SR T3 you can't becuase it's a powdered capsule.

Who's Dr Wilson?

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Yes I am on Armour, but having a hard time regulating my levels. I am still in die off mode of hashi's though, so that may be why it is so hard to regulate. My doctor wanted to put me on time release T3 with my synthroid when I first went to her and I asked for Armour. So I am not opposed to it if Armour ends up not working for me.....I really want it to though. :)
Most of all I just want what is best for my body and to get better.
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www.wilsonsyndrome.com/  is where I learned about time release.but most drug stores compound,the prob is getting the RX for it.
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'Wilson's Syndrome' is not a recognized condition.  Here is a link to the American Thyroid Association for an explanation they felt necessary to put together because it gets mentioned so often when talking about thyroid disease:


Hope this information helps.
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Hi everyone
ttmoni, I take 50 mcg of levo and 1 grain of armour with the T3. I will probably go off of the armour and stay on the low dose of levo, just to have some T4 in my system. When I took cytomel alone my T4 level went way down. I don't know if that is necessarily a bad thing but my doc said that there was probably some reason that T4 should be in the system other than making T3.
Last night I did have some trouble sleeping and had some anxiety. I had this with cytomel too, so I suppose this is something I will have to live with in exchange for the benegits of the T3 (energy, lack of depression, etc)
I did like taking the cytomel under the tongue, shame we can't do that with the time release T3. So far it doesn't feel that different from cytomel to me, which is good, I think.
I will keep you all updated with the T3 SR.
Laura what is "die-off mode"?
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