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Hashimoto's - Ate My Thyroid

59 y.o. female been Hypothyroid for many years.  Was prescribed Armour T., which helped for many years.  Then was taken off because a doc said that it had "leached Calcium from my bones", resulting in my beyond beginning stages of osteoporosis. Synthroid did not work, Levothyroxin hasn't worked.  Now here I am 5-6 yrs later & Endocrinologist did a sonogram two wks ago which revealed that I no longer have a Thyroid.  That butterfly flew the coupe!  Said I must have had Hashimoto's Disease (autoimmune disease)  at some point which sent lymphocytes to mty throid & ate it up. Yet, he just told me to come back in 6 mths!!!.   I am miserable, cannot wait six months.  So, I thought I'd go back on Armour Thyroid.  Does anyone know where or how I can get it without a prescription.  I've been to four endocrinologists over time & cannot find a doctor who will prescribe it  Thks in advance. ThyHelp needed.
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You can NOT get Armour in the USA without a pescription!

The whole idea that Armour or T3 medication cuases osteo is false.  It is true that speeding up your metabolism (which is what getting sufficient thyroid hormone will do) will cause increased rate of everything in your body.

So the loss of calcium is a SEPARATE problem.  The fact that the rate is increase to make you feel will for everything else simply means that you need to take care of the osteo sparately.

Taking calcium without Magnesium in smoe lititure I've read is almost worse than not taking calcium at all.  The Calcium, Magnesium and really vitamin D all work in concert with each other.

Also if you do take Magnesium.  If it is magnesium oxide which is what most cheap magnesium supplements off the shelf are, that is little more than a laxitive. YOu really need to have Magnesium Citrate or another kind of magnesium glycinte (???) to really be useful to help with truly absorbing the calcium.

If you cannot find a Dr to Rx Armour or other natural dessicated thryoid, then you may try to talk the Dr into adding some synthetic T3 (Cytomel).

What would be best however is to please post all your blood lab results along with the reference ranges.  With that we can better provide recommendations.
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"You can't breathe without the thyroid, you can't think without the thyroid, you'd constantly be constipated without a thyroid, and yet it's way down at the bottom of the list of possible causes of some very common symptoms." - Life Extension - Don't Overlook Your Thyroid.

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