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Hashimoto's thyroiditis in a 15 yr old

My son is 15 and has hashimoto's thyroiditis. He has had lots of head hair loss and his doctor put him on Synthorid 100mcg for 3 wks when we took him to a pediatric endocrinologist. She rechecked his blood and discovered Hashimoto and changed the meds to levothyroxine 0.88mcg. He was feeling ok with the synthroid and now after 4 days of the levothyroxine he feels extremely exhausted and feels as if he is hallucinating (sp) during the day on several occasions. Bad dreams too. Any suggestions. He cannot even go to school today he is so tired.
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I agree- my endoc said never take generic thyroid medicine.  
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Ask the Dr to change him back to Synthroid...some people do better on synthroid than levothyroxine and vice versa. Stay away from the generic medicines. Did the dr run thyroid panel before changing dosage? It takes at least 6 weeks for med to level out, and thyroid labs should be done every 6 weeks until optimum levels are reached and held. Hashimoto's can be a rough ride for some.
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