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Heart Palpations

My lab work I just got back TSH 4.1 is that normal? I go back this week to get blood work done for TSH, T3, T4, what does all of those mean? I know what the TSH means, my normal doctor said TSH is all that matters but my specialist said he wants all of those done...!!! I'm still have heart palpations very fast, sometimes I will be laying in bed and it will wake me up out of my sleep my heart beating very fast. I also have cramps in my legs its terrible and my arms feels like I'm having a heart attack. Can you please help me?
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That's what they are testing for this week... So i hope that will help things...!! I've heard diff that sometimes its the meds that make your heart rate very fast. I don't know it's so hard dealing with it all, I just want to get back to normal, I want to start trying for a baby.
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In your case it's important the free T3 and free T4. I would check calcium levels and Vit D.
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