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Heart Palpitations - Irregular heartbeat

Hi - I have been reading some of the questions on this web site - it's such a relief to read that there's other folks with these awful scary heart palpitations.  I've just been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism - it all started with heart palpitations, I was starting to think I had a heart problem.  Doctor took bloods and ECG, said heart was fine - thyroid was normal to low - it took him ages to give me Levothyroxine, I started off taking 50 mcg now it's been put up to 75 mcg - heart palpitations are less frequent, but I'm easily tired.  I seem to have gone from a really fit person, that enjoyed hill walking, dancing and gardening - to this,  every time I dance or walk up a hill, the palpitations start - I keep thinking that I'm really fine today, then all of a sudden these palpitations start again,  it's so scary!!  Anyway thanks for this web site, it's so comforting to know that I'm not alone!!!  Do you think that these palpitations or irregular heart beat has all to do with Hypothyroidism?
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It is related, but weather its the only reason -time will tell. It takes at least a month for Levo to change the body for the better, and months after you should continue to see / feel improvements. When we think thyroid is the culprit, its a waiting game to prove it, unless other reasons are very obvious. I get palps when thyroid is low, and was very fit otherwise. Its pretty common here regardless of previous fitness levels.
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Many thanks for your reply - sorry taken so long to reply to you - for some reason all the replies have been going into my spam box - anyway I've fixed that now.  I have good days and not so good days, I think I'll get used to this in time - by  the way I live in the UK - I've been recommended to try Flower Essences??  Not sure if you have heard of Bach Flower Remedies, if so Mustard Essence is very good for mood, if having a "low" day, certainly helping me
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