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Help understanding my thyroid tests

Hi...thanks for reading!  I have been having unexplained symptoms for almost a year and half now and I often think I may have a thyroid disorder.  Specifically hypo.  I have had my thyroid tested twice but after reviewing the results I see I was only tested for TSH with relflex to free T4.  My level was 3.13 which is normal.  My question is how important is the free T3 test?  I see people talking about it but I haven't had that one.  Should they have done that test as well and does anyone know why both times they would have left that out?  My symptoms are tingling, burning, numbness off and on in extremities, brain fog, weakness in legs and arms, intolerance to cold, dry scalp, dry and itchy eyes with bouts of blurry vision, muscle twitching, fatigue, mood swings, forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, inability to loss weight after dieting and exercising.  I have been tested for almost everything so I'm pretty much losing my mind now.  I have no motivation to do anything ever but just keep pushing forward because I need to work to support my son.  Please help!
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We all wonder why TSH is the gold standard - its not enough.

Free, unbound T3 is what your cells actually consume, its fuel. FT 4 needs to be converted to T3.

You have listed symptoms of hypothyroid. Id also ask for the antibody tests tgAB and TPO to see if you have Hashimoto. Some with Hashimoto have elevated antibodies first before the thyroid hormones T3, T4 go south.

Find a Dr that will do this,.......... or pay yourself at a lab that participates with healthcheck u s a *******
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Hey thanks for the quick response.  For some reason I feel like I can't ask for these tests.  A few months ago I requested the dr. check my b12 and she seemed put off by it like i thought i was some kind of expert.  They just don't understand how I feel.  I will make note though and request it when I go back in few weeks.  I forgot to mention I also have throat pain.  Could that possibly be related?  My mother suffers from hypo but her only symptom is extreme fatigue.
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Unfortunately most of us veterans here have received so so  treatment from past Drs. After a while we learned about what we needed and then learned we needed Drs with out big egos that would listen to us.

Drs that are control freaks are worthless. Drs that listen are priceless.
Fortunately, there are lost of Drs out there.

Many people have throat pain or tightness when hypo.
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Thanks.  I have HMO so I really don't have a lot of options.  I made the mistake from the start of switching dr because I felt like they weren't taking me seriously.  So now that I have switched to 3 different doctor's at the same facility they really just look at me like I'm crazy.  The last one I saw actually said "so all your tests came back normal, I don't understand what you want me to do for you".  I felt like I wanted to cry it's so frustrating.  I'll definitely just put my foot down next time.
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