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Here is what my report from my biopsy said........help me understand

Diagnosis- atypical

Comments- Final report-no cell block available.
Numerous tight groups and a few syncytial groups of small, mostly monotonous, follicular cells wih some areas of mild nuclear atypia and scant colloid Findings may be seen with goiter, benign follicular nodule or follicular neoplasm. Recommend excisional biopsy for further evaluation.

Gross Description:
22cc red, clear fixative received. ThinPrep slide prepared. No cell block possible.
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You know the saying. "It's all Greek to me?" Well, that's how I feel when I read my report.
I looked up the "words/phrases" on google.  I think, not 100% sure, there is a medical terms dictionary you can find online.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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I see the word benign which means noncancerous.  Also it looks like they want to do a biopsy for further evaluation. Whenever I get stuff like this that I don't understand I ask my Dr. and let her explain it to me. like my blood work, she has to explain it to me all of it so I will know what I'm looking at.
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Well I met with my ent that will be doing the surgery today and he was a very nice man who seems to know alot about this. He said he has been doing thyroid surgery for 34 years so far. He said my report looked like it was either cancer or could be cancer. Hummmmmm, I guess on God knows for sure.  Anyway he was very reassuring and said if it was cancer that it had a high success rate and that I should live to see my grandkids be born. This is exactly what I wanted to hear......I even prayed for that exact thing! :) The only problem is that he is booked until September!!!!! I am so upset. He said he would do it in two weeks when he got back from taking his grandkids backpacking. I told the lady at the front this and she just rolled her eyes and said he was booked until fall. She was very rude and I will definately be complaining about her to the doctor. So I now don't have a clue when I will be having surgery, He did say that I will be in the hospital overnight and will go home the next day after lunch. If it turns out to be cancer than I will have the radioactive iodine 6 weeks after surgery and then will start my thyroid meds. He really didn't want to take the whole thing out but I insisted and he understood.
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Try to enjoy your summer and Sept will be here before you know it.

I'm glad you are being proactive and taking the whole thing out - silly me didnt want to and ended up having two surgeries!

I pray everything works out for you.

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My daughter and sister had "atypical" thyroid cells.  It was explained to me by my endo and the surgeon that "atypical" thyroid cells are considered precancerous.  The surgeon told me that my daughter had many more atypical areas than my sister and that my daughter's cells probably would have turned cancerous within a year or two (she was 16 at the time of surgery).

Both my daughter and that sister have to be followed just like all the rest of us who had full-blown thyroid cancer (thyroglobulin tests, chest-x rays, etc.).

Getting it out would be the next course of action.

Best of everything and keep us posted!

papillary carcinoma '03 (followup surgery '04)
recurrence and RAI '06 and probably '08
three sisters with papillary carcinoma (one with three recurrences and distant metastases)
one sister with atypical thyroid nodules
daughter with atypical thyroid nodules
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