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How Long have you been on the Thyroid Community?

How long have you been with us here on the Thyroid Community?   Many who have dropped by have ended up staying a very long time.  After they have gotten their support, they stick around to help others which is what makes us such a fabulous community as you see it today!  

So after you post and get an answer-- feel free to stick around -- it's so fantastic to have such a community filled with diversity and all of us are so proud of the community as you see it today and that is BECAUSE OF YOU .. YOU make a DIFFERENCE!

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I'm french, living in France and luckily I am fluent in english which allowed me to go onto american medical sites like this one.  I am fairly new here but it gave me support when i suspected Hashimoto's condition 2 months ago -- which my gp at the time refused to accept as my illness.  I posted my lab results onto this forum for advice and got it from several members!!!!  I got lots of support and reassurance that i was not a silly hypochondriac;  since then, I changed GP who diagnosed me properly with Hashimoto's, I have started LEVOTHYROXINE.  Even though the symptoms are still here and quiet strong, I am able to accept them better and be more patient when i read peoples' experiences who eventually managed to control the condition.  Thank you all.
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I surfed for 2 yrs and then became a member close to a year ago.
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I have been only 6months to a year. But am learning soo much from you guys. Thanks for everything.
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I am sooooooo glad I met all my thyroidian friends here.. My REAL family, my buddies, my mates! We all cry together, laugh together, learn together and most of all empathise with each other. Yay that I found MedHelp!
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it's been a little over two years since I found this website from a Google search. This site saved my sanity with all the craziness of Graves Disease, thyca, and menopause diagnoses all with 6 months of each other.  Knowing I wasn't alone and could vent my frustations without being judged helped me through the really rough spots.
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Hi - I just joined.  I have a daughter that is 15, this has been going on for two years, with hyperthyroidism and am so confused and everything seems to take so long between visits, she feels terrible and I am frustrated.
Happy to be here and find information, some answers and support.

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I actually think that Cheryl was one of the first people I met on here.  I know I was doing a Google search too 'cause it looked like I was having a recurrence (I was).   Wish this forum would have been there 5 years ago when I was going through my surgery/diagnosis then through all of my sisters and daughter's surgeries/diagnoses with them.

Better late than never

(Oh, and yesterday is my 5-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis - wahoo??)

Love to you all

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I'm a newbie - been on here about a week, but I'm getting in the swing of things aready - got my profile done, added pics, added trackers & have made a few friends already. This is the best thyroid site ever! Love it!
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Hello to all. I have been here a very short time, and received some great information.

51 yr. old female
diagnosed 20 yrs. hypo
Syntrhoid for most of those years
Started Armour in February 2008
The last 7 years have been hypo-hyper-hypo-hyper
Now have hope for wellness again

Marreid, one daughter, 3 great grandchilren that are my sunshine
2 dogs
one very sick half frozen farm kitten on my lap I am trying to revive
Enjoy computer time, decorating, reading, animals, warm sunny days and shoes.
So nice to have all you out there, thanks.
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I'm a real "newbie" as I was only diagnosed hypothryoid in June, so know very little about this monster. I found this site about a month ago and I do enjoy reading the posts and have picked up some good info.  Thanks to all.
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8 months for me!  Best thing I ever joined.  Swelling thyroid.... normal blood, came to find answers and have found more here than anywhere.  Love to all!
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I've been here about 10 months. . .I stopped by with questions when I was first diagnosed with Graves & have stayed through my TT & subsequent issues. . .

Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful & helpful responses!
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This week is my 2yr Anniversary since I had my atypical FNA and began my ride on the Thyroid Roller Coaster.  MedHelp started for me with a google search for the words "thyroid nodule".  The rest is a wonderful 2yrs here on MedHelp's Thyroid Community.

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