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How can you be underactive(high TSH) and overactive (high T4) thyroid at the same time?

I got my test results back from my doc today. Oddly enough, I have a high TSH indicating hypothyroidism AND a high T4 indicating hyperthyroidsim! How can that be??? My doctor wants to send me to an endocrinologist at University Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Hospital. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good endo there that "believes in" T3 therapy and such.. or just a good endo in the state of Alabama. I would really appreciate any responses! Thanks!

Oh here are my levels and given ranges:  

TSH                 9.370 uIU/mL     range 0.450- 4.500
T4                   12.2 ug/dL          range 4.5 - 12.0
T3 Uptake        28%                  range 24-39
Free T4 Index   3.4                    range 1.2- 4.9
T3                   113ng/dL           range 83-200
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Very strange that your T4 is high along with your TSH. However, FT4 is more reliable than the T4 test, and many endos no longer use the T4. Your FT4 doesn't look too high.

Do you have hypo symptoms?

Below is a list of recommended endos by state:


:) Tamra
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based on your TSH you should be treated, particularly if you have symptoms.  TSH ideally will be between 1 and 2.

Your T3 is on lower end of the range (though next time, please request FT3), and your FT4 is not high.

These results are not showing hyper, I would think they are hypo.  Yes, ignore the T4.  That is the present amount of T4, but not the active amount of T4.

What did your doctor say?  let us know.
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Have the looked at your pituitary gland with that reading? My friends was the same but it was her Pituitary gland causing it..Just a thought..Dawn
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I went to my doctor on Oct. 22nd and these are the changes in medications and tests that were run. Just thought it may be inetersting or helpful for others. I am praying these new meds will bring about a dramatic change in improving the way I feel!! Feel free to comment!

Dr. McMinn

*Dr. McMinn prescribed me a compounded T3 and Cortef, Ambien CR, and the pill for the heavy metals take home test.
*I also got 12 vials of blood drawn to do a WIDE ARRAY of tests: Spectracell, MBV, Lyme disease, and various liver labs.
*Spectracell is a test that measures levels of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential micronutrients within your white blood cells. This test will give the doctor and patient a more precise measure of which specific vitamins and minerals etc that need to be supplemented.
*I've also received take home tests to test the strength of my immune system and a urine test to detect heavy metals. Presence of heavy metals can really fatigue you apparently.
*I am also going to begin taking Transfer Factor Plasmyc for the next 6 months to rid myself of the EBV (epstein bar virus a.k.a. “mono-virus”) that I have.
*Due to a high reverse T3 test, I am going to discontinue taking levoxyl and begin taking my compounded T3 (7.5 mcg- two pills- twice per day-12 hrs apart). I will monitor my temperatures and the way I feel and check in with my doctor every week so we can decide how much we need to titrate up.
*I will also begin taking Cortef twice a day- 10mg in the morning and 5 mg at noon. I am taking the Cortef to increase my cortisol levels. My saliva test results were:

6:00 to 8:00 a.m. 6 Depressed 13-24 nM
11:00 to Noon 10 Normal                   5-10nM
4:00 to 5:00 p.m. 3 Normal                   3-8 nM
10:00 to Midnight 7 Elevated                   1-4 nM
DHEA                1 Depressed 3-10 ng/ml

*Due to my liver tenderness and an elevated bilirubin level, I am going to get a liver ultrasound.
*I am also getting a thyroid ultrasound because of nodules that were discovered on my left lobe when I was 16, and also because my last scan showed I had no right lobe. I’ll have these scans done Monday,October 26, 2009.

Dr. Murphree

*I am going to continue taking Adrenal Cortex, CFS/Fibro Pack.
*I am going to increase my Probiotics/Acidophilus to 3 per day because I have 6 strains of moderate to abundant bacterial infections in my stomach: Staphylococcus spp.(moderate), Staphylococcus aureus(moderate), Enterococcus species (abundant), Alpha Hemolytic Streptococcus(abundant), Gamma Hemolytic Streptococcus(abundant), and Cornybacterium species(moderate).
*I am also going to take DHEA (25 mg) bc my levels were low (1 when the range was 3-10ng/ml) and it is   supposed to be the most potent anti viral there is.
*I am also going to take Digestive Enzymes to make sure I am taking in all the nutrients and vitamins I   need to and to improve digestion.

So far not much improvement. I've only been able to take 5 mg of Cortef at a time bc it makes my heart pound hard. It's only been a week though, so maybe it will start working soon!

---Anyone ever taken the transfer factor plasmyc to get rid of EBV virus?
---Anyone know how long it takes for Cortef and Compounded T3 to take effect in the body? as in me feeling better? :)

Thanks everyone, Take Care!
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Can you tell us what happened and if u feel any better? I'm having lots of problems with my thyroid and am trying to figure it out.
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It could indicate a tsh secreting adenoma

Otherwise an active tsh pituitary tumor

It ia fairly uncommon so most doctors and even endocrinologists might not be familiar with it

I know this is 7 years later but I'm posting so others can know

That a high tsh with a high t4 level

Can definitely indicate a problem with the pituitary

And most probably a tumor in the pituitary

Low dhea is also an indication of hypopituitarism, possibly caused by a tumor
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