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How many of you take your body temp, and its low?

Low body temp is not good, even if you just think thats normal for you.

Is your AM or PM oral core temp Low?

Or normal?

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My bbt is averaging low 97s, sometimes as low as 96.6-96.7. I rarely go above 98, and only after midcycle.

My temp does go up some midday, but I haven't been as good about checking then.

I plan to consistently check my bbt for a few months to check for a pattern.

What's your story?

I am not very knowledgeable with all of this, but there are great people on here who do offer a great deal of help and I find hearing others stories help and I often learn something or put together something I hadn't before.

Best wishes for good health!
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My waking temps when hypo were below 97.5. Since becoming properly medicated, they are 97-99.

JJWatkins, your temps don't sound particularly abnormal to me, but if coupled with hypo symptoms and/or abnormal bloodwork results, it may indicate hypothyroidism.
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Mine was anywhere between 95-96.2 until i was put on a new med. At that point it had gone up to 98 but it recently started declining back to 96.6 i still feel surprisingly good. My labs are due in 3 weeks so I'll have a better idea of where my levels are then.
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Mine averages relaxed PM and AM awakening about 96.5 to 97.

The best in the past (not my average) with optimal thyroid levels was still never above 98.

Lowest can be in mid 95's while hypo.

Low temps are often ignored, but its still a sign that something is not right.
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Hello, many years ago when I was losing hair my doctor had me take my temperature every morning, before getting out of bed.  My temperature was  below 97.5 most mornings.  Even now, on meds it runs two degrees below normal.
Doctor ended up diagnosing me with low thyroid and telogen effluvium from an operation I had.
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