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Hydroxycut + Eutirox?

Hi, I've been taking Eutirox for a year and started taking Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite two weeks ago. I got a blood test and my T3 & T4 were higher than normal. My doctor says I have relapsed and have hyperthyroidism again. I told her I was taking Hydroxucut but she says this has nothing to do. But I think my levels were high due to this fat burner. Opinions are very welcome!
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What are your actual thyroid hormone levels?  Your doctor should be ordering Free T3, Free T4 and TSH every time you have blood work.  Please post the results with reference ranges, so we can better answer your questions.

What dosage of Eutirox are you taking?  I'm not sure what you mean that you've "relapsed" and have hyperthyroidism again.  Eutirox is levothyroxine, which is used to treat hypothyroidism, so if your T3 and T4 are higher than normal, you should simply have to decrease your Eutirox dosage.

Hydroxycut Elite has an ingredient listed that has been linked to heart attack and seizures, so I wouldn't recommend it for anyone... It can also cause a reaction with certain medications.  
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This is one of the ingredients in Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite...

"Coleus Extract (250 mg)
Coleus releases enzymes that unlock the energy within your fat cells so they can finally be burned away. The extract works safely and provides stimulation to the thyroid gland, releasing metabolism-promoting hormones."

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I had hyperthyroidism and was treated with Tapazol. Then fell onto Hypothiroydism and was given Eutorox 50mg. While I took Eutirox, I started taking Hydroxycut. 2 weeks after I started taking Hydroxycut, I had blood tests done. These were my results:
Free T4: 3.02
Free T3: 6.65
Total T4: 13.0
Total T3: 188
TSH: 0.01
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What are the reference ranges for the FT3 and FT4?  Reference ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own reports.  

Do you know if you have Hashimoto's?  With Hashimoto's, it's not unusual to swing from hyper to hypo and back, in early stages.  It's very possible that you simply swung back into a hyper phase.

I found this review of coleus: "Coleus Forskohlii (100mg): Much touted plant extract believed to stimulate thyroid hormones. May help increase testosterone but lacks clinical testing and medical opinion is that this ingredient requires further clinical evaluation. There is not enough evidence to prove that this ingredient really works for weight loss."

The ingredient I was referring to is Yohimbe bark extract... "This stimulant sometimes marketed at as aphrodisiac contains an active ingredient called yohimbine that can increase blood flow.
Research has demonstrated dangerous side effects including seizure, increased blood pressure, palpitations and heart attacks. These side effects have all been reported by people who have taken yohimbine and this ingredient is classified as dangerous."

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Total t4: 4.5-12.5
Total t3: 72-185
Free t4: 0.79-2.19
Free t3: 2.77-5.27
Nope, I dont have Hashimoto.
So the Hydroxycut might have altered the results?
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What dosage of Eutirox are you on and how long have you been on it?  

It's "possible" that the Hyroxycut could have altered the results; most likely it would be combination of too much Eutirox "and" the Hydroxycut.  

I'd recommend stopping the Hydroxycut, then retesting in a couple of weeks to see if your levels are still too high.  If so, then your dosage of Eutirox is also too high...

I assume, since you're taking the Hydroxycut that weight gain/inability to lose is one of your symptoms? What, if any, other symptoms do you have?

Did you have both antibody tests that determined you don't have Hashimoto's?
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Hi, 50mg.
I've stopped Hydroxycut. But Hydroxycut didn't make me gain weight.
No hashimoto's.
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