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Hyperthyroidism & Menstural Cycle Probs?

Ive been debating on whether I need to go to a doc.

Lately Ive been noticing my periods have been more frequent than usual.  It started in October when I got 2 periods about 3 weeks apart.  Then in November when I just got one about 3 days ago.  Now im having an unusually think brown discharge that is both very watery and thick almost like feces but it isnt.                                                                                            
My Other Symptoms:
shaky hands,
increased perspiration,
hunger after eating.

Thanks In ADVANCE;)
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Yep, definately get it checked out!

I was a nervous wreck, couldn't sleep, constantly hot, exhausted & had been having long, brown coloured periods that virtually had no break. I fell pregnant & as I was super slim with no baby bump (an Aussie size 6,  48kgs), was on the pill & had constant 'periods' - I never knew I was pregnant until 20 weeks/5 days. I bled through my entire pregnancy & was hospitalised, threatening to deliver at 26 weeks due to my cervix being open. I had dozens of tests & no one could give me an answer why I was bleeding. I had a traumatic emerg c section at 37 weeks/5 days in Sep '04. My daughter was fine but very skinny, weighing just 4 lb 13 ou. (She is now 4 & the healthiest, most gorgeous creature on this earth!!). Interesting fact is though, while I breast fed for 6 months - my period stopped, but came back with a vengeance after my milk dried up.    

In Oct/Nov '06, I had trouble swallowing & was dxed hyperthyroid. Had scans & a biopsy done, the cold nodule had atypical cells & the hot nodule had suppressed my TSH.  Jan '07, I had a TT & have been hypothyroid ever since. I tried thyroxine for a year & a half & after still feeling awful & STILL having long, brown periods with not even a weeks break - I demanded an ultrasound & a referral to an Endo as well as a Gynae/Obs. I even saw a 'thyroid expert' who charged me $350! I changed pills, had an internal & a pap smear. The ultrasound, internal & smear all came back normal. The pill made no difference. I was told "some women are just unlucky - they have abnormal periods". Grrrrrrrrr.

Good news is - I've come off the pill & thyroxine & sacked everyone! I've just found a great 'alternative/complimentary/holistic' GP who prescribes Natural Thyroid Extract (similar to Armour) & who has suspected a longstanding zinc/copper imbalance & an estrogen dominance - which can disrupt your cycle & impair thyroid function and/or thyroid meds. Any wonder I've had period probs for so long!  I've had the blood tests & am awaiting the results! Finally, after all these years I'm (hopefully) getting some answers!

So take a leaf from my book - get it checked out, demand different tests & if not happy, get a 2nd or 3rd opinion! Good luck, hope you get it all sorted out!
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I am also Graves disease and I have what you have too.  My cycles are anywhere from 21-25 days apart from beginning to beginning as well.

Definitely start out seeing an endo doc and get your TSH and your T3 checked.

Good luck!
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Ask for a simple TSH blood test to get you started....it's easy and can help you figure out pretty quick if you are hyper.  More tests come after that if you are low, but rather than guess based on symptoms it's best to get checked out and fast.
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Hi, I have graves disease and i have all of the same symptoms you do. I finally broke down and went to the dr because i couldnt take it anymore. I sweat all the time, im always hungry and i only weigh 115 lbs because i lost so much weight, I was always mean and agitated and  Ever since ive had thyroid issues my period has still been regular but the color is brownish and thicker also.  I know having hyperthyroid throws off your menstrual cycle. When i went to seee the endocrine dr that was one of the questions he asked.  So I would DEFINATELY go see your doctor because it isnt going to get any better on its own.  good luck let me know how it goes.   :)
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