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Hypo-Face Swelling

I think something went terribly wrong with my last post as a lot of my words were repeated a million times... think there's was something wrong with my laptop!! So sorry.

So to make this really short:

I have Graves Disease- diagnosed in 2013- slight thyroid eye disease in my left eye- not noticeable to the naked eye. non active state and my measurements have remained the same on my eyes.

Did the RAI treatment in Jan 2015 in which I still didnt have any eye symptoms- hadn't changed and didnt get on Armour until April 29th 2015. 60mg

In the meantime my last blood work in April was:
T3 Free 1.4 range 2.0-4.4
T4 Free 0.29 range 0.82-1.77
T4 Total 1.4 range 4.5-12.0
TSH 42.310 range 0.450-4.500

I have severe upper eye swelling, cheeks, fingers, toes, and stomach. the worse is the blurred vision.

Where should I try to get my levels? Or is that totally up to have I feel!!

When will this start to go away? At what levels?

Anyone that has experienced this- did your eyes go back to normal completely?

Did the blurred vision stop?

What would be the next dose increase?

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Sometimes things  don't post as we have them typed, which is what happened with your other thread... it's okay, we get the idea and because it's confusing when you have 2 threads going with the same information in them, I've reported this one as a duplicate, so hopefully, everyone will simply post on the other thread, not this one.

Here's a link to the other thread:
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Thank you!
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