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Hypo with no symptoms?

I feel really foolish saying this, but I stopped the cytomel on Christmas day and am having no signs of 'hypo-hell'. (other that shortness of breath, which has been going on anyway)
Is that possible? or am I doing something wrong? or am I just lucky? I hope that my TSH is rising as it is supposed to be. Bloodwork on 1-6, and the first radiaion scan on 1-8...don't know when I will get the actual RAI.
11-18-- I had the final surgery and was started on synthroid.
12-10--Saw the endo and he started me on cytomel.
12-25--Stopped cytomel and started LID diet.
I've been waiting for hypo-hell to begin, but nothing! (My apologies to everyone that is going thru hypo-hell...Hugs to all of you and wishes for better days to come)
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I agree with AR not to jinx it!!! lol  lol  
God must have created a special thyroid angel for you.....hmmmm....pass him around when you are done to the rest of us! lol   :)    No, really....can I have him first when you are done?! lol
We may be on to something here....someone needs to create a pic of a thyroid angel for us to pass around to each other! :)
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Don't jinx it!!!!!!!
I hope you continue to feel well.
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Forgot to add that I stopped the synthroid on 12-11.
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