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Hypothyroidism - Post nasal drip - does any one else have this sypmptom if so, How was it diagnosed as being related to your thyroid condition and what's the treatment?


I have a post-nasal drip and didn't really know what was causing it. If you don't know what that is, basically my nose is constantly running backwards and down my throat meaning my throat is always congested causing a need to cough or to clear it, but basically it never gets clear.

I went to the doctors and he referred me to a specialist who tried to put a camera up my nose and down the back of my throat without any sort of numbing medication. I freaked out and wouldn't let him do it so we just assumed it was reflux coupled with some kind of allergy so I was given stomach acid suppressing medication and a nasal spray to try for 3 months. This helped a little but did not cure the problem by a long way.

Well recently it feels like it's getting worse so I started looking on the net. I found that a nasal drip can be a symptom of thyroid conditions. I have had hypothyroidism for  5 years and thinking back I think the nasal drip started about the same time or certainly within a year of being diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

I just wondered if any one else has this symptom, if so, How was it diagnosed as being related to your thyroid? And What medication helps?

I would be delighted if any one could give me their advice.

Many thanks

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They only thing I can add on the relation is in autoimmune hypothyroidism - "allergy" symptoms are present at times.

Were you tested for Hashimoto? That could be your root issue.
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Thanks for your reply. I don't believe I have been tested for Hashimoto and when I looked that up, it seemed pretty severe so I really hope i am not headed down that road! I have an appointment for the ear nose and throat clinic in a few weeks so hopefully I will get some answers then.

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I live with that...the constant wet cough from it can drive me crazy....I believe mine is due to allergies, not sure. I have never bothered to find out the cause seeing as it could be due to allergies. I never drain out either, just down the back of my throat....

I don't think mine is related to thyroid issues though..
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With hypothyroidism comes those "lovely" sinus infections that cause just what you are describing. I am living with that myself. Have been treated for the infection, and it just won't go away. SOOOOOOO this Thursday,  day after tomorrow, I am going to have surgery on my sinus. The roto rooter type deal.

This could also be your problem....just something to consider.
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I have asked this question on this forum before. Nobody seems to have any experience getting "cure" from post nasal drip when hypo is well treated.

I found one article on the Internet (I’m looking for it on my fvs) which links post nasal drip, sinus infections to being hypo. Once treated post nasal drip should stop.

I have a lot of mucus, that according to tests, are not infections, but I have swelling of the nose which produces post nasal drip or excess of mucus. Swelling of the nose can be due to allergies, hormonal changes, fluctuations (periods), and also for being hypo. That is what I have learned.

I have been doing a lot of research because it is one of the symptoms that bother me the most. I assume it is from being hypo, because:

1. - It appeared when all the others symptoms did, and
2. - I have been tested for allergies, done rxs and everything is "perfect" according to the many doctors I have been to. Nobody seems to have a "reasonable"  explanation (l might be allergic to myself), so in my case it might exist due to my condition (hypo)- since I am not leveled, and trying for a long time, I am not sure if this problem will pass once you are symptom free.

I have not read one single post about having this symptoms relieved after a successful treatment. Frustrating.
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I have found that certain food sensitivities will activate the immune system and damage the thyroid more.  When the immune system is activated it sometimes shows up as fatigue after eating or nasal drip as well.
Naowens, you are absolutely right about certain foods, you have to stay away from
dairy, and whole wheat, certain cereals cn cause mucous to thicken
I find it so hard for food to eat for breakfast as I live pancakes, eggs, waffles but they all seen to make the mucus thicker,I do find salt and warm water gargle helps.
I do take Fluticasone Propionate nasal spray it seems to help.
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Here's the first.  I had very bad PND while hypo.  The cause was never diagnosed, but since I have been euthyroid, there is no longer a problem.  PND can come from any number of sources, so this may not work for everyone, but it IS possible...
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That is great to hear!!

We might then have some hope? according to your experience...yes!

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I used to wake up at night with my throat just full.  Then, my nose and sinuses would proceed to clog to the point that I had tremendous pressure in my face.  I couldn't clear that forward by blowing my nose, but just had to wait for it to drain via PND...gross!  By the next morning, even my voice had been effected by all the [email protected] going down the back of my throat.  It was terrible.  I used to be able to tell people I was my husband when I was talking on the phone.  I've never had allergies, so I think it was my hypo that was causing it.  So, yes, think good thoughts and be optimistic!!!
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Thank you all for your comments, I am very interested to know that I am not alone in this symptom but also it is concerning to know that it is not widely recognised as a possible symptom of hypothyroidism and therefore, it seems, there is not a suitable or successful treatment for it.

I did post my original question some time ago since when I have done a little scouring of the internet to see if I could find any further information on the subject. There seems quite little out there but perhaps I have not searched hard enough. I did however find the following article from America which mentions a post- nasal drip as a symptom of hypothyroidism: http://www.mbschachter.com/hypothyroidism.htm The reference is found in the 3rd paragraph of the section “complete diagnosis”.

I guess if I do get this investigated further I will go armed with this information however I hold little hope of having this taken seriously as a possible cause or having it successfully treated.

Thanks for all your comments.

Best regards

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I got told a few months back that mine is Allergy Rhinitis. I tend to have very small nasal passages (one is severely deformed) and snore like heck! Since the specialist put me on Fess saline spray, 3 squirts up each nostril, blow it all out, then a quick squirt of Nasonex each morning, I can say I am better. Not 100% as I still some days get that PND. Specialist said that different people have different nasal passages and it depends on how the tilt their head all day how it will run. I tend be on the computer or walking so my head is tilted forward and I get Hiker's Honker!
I do have hypothyroidism, but I know I have had this runny nose since I was a very little girl.
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I totally agree with you in that it is not widely recognized as a possible symptom of hypothyroidism and/or people just don’t care about it because it is not considered bothersome.

Now, the treatment would be to get leveled ( diagnosed with hypo and then start treatment for it) just like Goolarra said and experienced. She had it and once leveled her PND went away.

I am still looking for that extensive article I read once about hypothyroidism. It had one paragraph about PND linked to hypo.

But in the meantime I have this other one from Roda Barnes, pag. 249. " nasal stuffiness or post nasal drip my come to be accepted by the patients as a way of life after no physician seems to be able to do anything about it. Not infrequently, ear, nose and throat specialists may deny that sinusitis is present since there are not shadows on X-rays, yet the patient is constantly clearing his throat as mucus and pus drain over the pharynx" he explains then how respiratory infections are many times caused by hypothyroidism and that this constant infections can lead to pneumonia, chronic tonsillitis and emphysema.

I also have read before that white tonsil stones are caused by being hypo and PND.

I suffer from PND, ear pain, stufiness, pressure of my sinus and all my tests come out normal.

I had already read the link you posted.

I will post the other one when I find it :)
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Unfortunately, your PND and your hypothyroidism are probably related....  Allergies are a reaction of your immune system.  Hashimoto's thyroiditis are also a reaction of your immune system...  

Allergy and autoimmune disorders result when the immune system overreacts or reacts inappropriately.

I believe that my allergies were actually the first manifestation of my Hashi's.  Luckily, there are very good allergy drugs available....I now believe the pressure in my right ear is due to hypothryoidism and not allergies.  Although certainly, the allergies don't help.....I will be discussing an ultrasound with my doctor at the next visit...Beginning to suspect a little sleep apnea, sleeping with my mouth open etc.

Good luck to you.  
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Hi Clair. I read the Schacter article mentioned above, but I also read something relating PND to hypo in the European Journal of Medicine. Have no idea what link to give you though. It basically said the same thing as Schacter.Both articles implied that it should go away when the thyroid is properly balanced. I suffer from it too, as well as recurrent bronchitis and have gone to innumerable allergists and ortolaryngologists about it. It got really bad following exposure to mold toxins and the chemicals used in the abatement, which I think pushed me into thyroid nodules and hypo. Also got tinnitus, which goes away when I'm balanced, comes back when I'm not. No allergies can be found, just went through another round of skin and blood testing.

My allergist now has me take an over-the-counter generic Zertec every day, she recommended the Costco brand as effective and cheaper. It gave me a dry mouth, but stopped the PND. For flair ups of bronchitis she gave me Omnaris spray, Symbicort inhaler, and Xopenex inhaler. She wants me to try just the Omnaris to see if that alone will keep the dreaded PND at bay. It' s quite expensive because it's a new brand...not sure I can afford it as a daily dose. Tried every other inhaler and spray.

The salt spray is good..do that too when I don't forget! The Nadji pot method, passing salt water in one nostril and out the other, works really well but was just to gross and dificult for me to make it a regular routine.

Good luck, Clair !
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Was your thyroid damaged before the mold exposure? I only sake because I was exposed unknowingly to mold and ended up with thyroid cancer. I was the second person diagnosed in the apt. I lived in with thyroid cancer.

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I was always feeling like I had a lump in the back of my throat I couldn't clear that was probably PND.  Even minor sinus surgery (to remove a mucus retention cyst that was blocking drainage and casuing infections, plus a roto rooter type procedure) didn't help much. I was also being treated for Hashimoto's. I still needed to use a sinus rinse 2-3 times a week to clear that stuff out. Then I had my enlarged thyroid removed and that is the thing that finally really helped. Not sure why but maybe the enlargement made for a tight space that interfered with drainage?
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I take Levothyroxine and have been for many years. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune disease. My GP at the time didn't test me for Hashimoto's. A few years ago, I lied to my new GP and asked him to test me for it. The test came back for Hashimoto's and Celiac Autoimmune Diseases. Recently, my Rheumatologist found several more autoimmune diseases. The doctor works for you.
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Clair, I have had Post nasal drip for the last 4 years now was diagnosed
with underacting thyroid,Your question was interesting to me, wondering if the two are connected...
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