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Hypothyroidism and Meniere's Disease

Does anyone have hypothyroid and Meniere's Disease?  Do you suffer from severe cramping?  Have you found a solution?
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I don't know how it might relate to Meniere's, but if your cramping is related to hypo, you might try a couple of things.

First, make sure that your thyroid meds are really adjusted properly for you.  If you have recent labs, please post with the reference ranges from your own report.  Do you have other thyroid symptoms.

If that's all okay, you might ask your doctor about supplementing magnesium.  Many have found that helps with muscle cramps.  Be sure to avoid magnesium oxide, which is little more than a laxative.  You want mag citrate or mag glycinate.  
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I also have muscle cramps which come and go. Just a few minutes ago I had severe hand cramping. Am sub-clinical hypo thyroid and do take magnesium citrate. Tomorrow tests for thyroid, B-12 and vit D. I'll post when something is figured out.
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do you know what your free t3 was and the range on blood test and your free t4 and tsh....
I have been told that if you free t3 is low, you will have aches and pains in hands,arms feet and I have really been having them making me weaker and less productive etc  and my blood test showed I was low in ft3......

keep us posted.... learning from eachother helps
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