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Hypothyroidism; normal FT3, FT4, TSH; but suffering from lethargy and memory problems.

I am a research student .  For the past couple of years I have been suffering from poor memory and related problems.  I was not sure it was significant enough to seek medical help.  I tried some Nootropics like modafinil to no avail. Last year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I have been taking Thyroxine (T4) tablets and my TSH levels are now normal.  However I haven't observed any significant difference in my cognitive abilities.  I was unable to raise this issue with my doctor as there were no physical symptoms and I myself am not sure  whether I have an illness or whether it is my essential cognitive ability.  Recently I read about the need for T3 supplement.  Hence I tested the FT3, FT4 and TSH 4 hours after taking Eltroxin.  They were normal ( to my disappointment)

Free T3: 5.44Pmol/L ( Normal 3.1-6.8)
Free T4: 25.58Pmol/L ( Normal 10-22)
TSH 0.01Iμu/ml (normal 0.25 -5.0) .

I have been recently facing with increased inability/ lethargy  to think properly ( for research) and also inability to recall things I read.  I do not know whether it is normal or requires further investigation.  Is there any need for further tests or clinical examination? Should I try Tyrosine supplement?
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Looking at your levels, you aren't hypo but rather, hyper.  You are probably overmedicated and need to come down slightly.

T3 is not going to be of any value to you as your levels are indicating your body is making more than enough at this point.

Your memory skills etc, may be helped by taking something else. Gingko Biloba is excellent in helping memory. Do be aware if you are diabetic, or have bleeding problems or seizures then this is not for you. There are many over the counter health food store products which can help.

You could try some Brain Training excersises too. I do these regularly when I feel my memory is lapsing and find they help enourmously.
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