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I am 27,F. Anti Tpo is > 1300 U/ml 60.My TSH level are within range.

I am 27,Female. My T3 T4 and TSH are within Range, i.e  1.2 , 7.3, 3.15. But Anti TPO report is positive. Its > 1300 U/ml 60. What does this mean? My Vitamin D level is also low, 24.5. Kindly explain what it is? What i need to do? I am under no medication as regards to thyroid.
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An evaluation for symptoms is even more important than tests.  Please tell us about any symptoms you have.  Also, just being within range is not descriptive enough.
So, before further discussion, please post the actual T3, T4 and TSH test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.  
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T3= 1.2 ng/mL Range (0.6-1.81)
T4= 7.3 ug/dL Range (4.5-12.6)
TSH= 3.135 u!U/ml Range ( 0.55-4.78)
iPTH Para Thyroid Hormone Report

PTH (Intact) ETDA Plasma = 30.0 pg/mL Range (11.5-79.5)
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Fatigue, weight gain, skin acne, late presentation, headache (kind of migrane, but no so frequent) increase in bad cholestrol, deficiency of vitamin D3 as well as b12.
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From those symptoms and the Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies test result it appears that you are positive for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  With Hashi's the autoimmune system erroneously identifies the thyroid gland as foreign to the body and produces antibodies to attack and eventually destroy the gland.  As this is occurring the output of the gland is diminishing and this triggers the pituitary to secrete more TSH to try and stimulate the gland to produce more thyroid hormone.  

The test results you posted are inconsistent with you having all those likely hypothyroid symptoms.    Part of the reason for that may be that the tests are for Total T4 and Total T3 instead of the biologically active Free T4 and Free T3.    The Totals represent all the T4 and T3 in your blood.  Most all of that is bound to protein and thus rendered biologically inactive.  Only a small portion is free of protein.    Those Total results may not accurately reflect levels of Free T4 and Free T3.   So you need to get tested for  Free T4 and Free T3.    In addition there are additional variables that can affect thyroid hormone.  So you also need to get tested for Reverse T3 (if possible), cortisol,  and ferritin.   I would have included Vitamin D and B12, but you already know they are deficient.  Vitamin D needs to be at least 50 ng/mL, B12 in the upper part of its range, and ferritin should be at least 100.   These are all important so you need to supplement to optimize.  

If you can get those additional tests done and then post results and reference ranges we will be happy to help interpret and advise further.  
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Thank you so much for ur reply. I will get others reports done, and will post it asap. Thanks again
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