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I need some Help.. pretty desperate.. Doc told me to stop taking my thyroid meds

I have been having an awful time getting adjusted to thyroid medicine.. in 2015 I was diagnosed w/ hypothyroidism w/ a TSH at 16.. was put on 50mcg of levothyroxine in the ER.. stayed on that for a year but never felt much better.. found a new PCP in Oct 2017 she put me on 16.25mcg of Nature throid.. I did well and increased it to 32.5 mcg & felt at my best.. then they changed the formula.. w/ the new prescription my TSH went up to 6.35.. was switched to NP thyroid & since then I've had severe heart palps/shortness of breath/high anxiety... I had to find a new PCP& she took me off the NDT b/c she said it may be because i can't tolerate T3..for the last week I have been on 25mg of gluten free levothyroxine (generic) .... I NOW have no energy, nausea, joint pains but the emotional part of it (anxiety) is through the roof... I've had continuous panic attacks for 2 days...this morning I took the 25 mcg of levothyroxine & the panic attacks/stress/agitation got much worse so I also took 1/4 of a 15 mg NP thyroid pill for the T3's thinking this may help---that maybe my body was missing the T3 that I stopped abruptly last week.. I called the dox office & she said since I'm on the lowest dose of levothyroxine to just stop taking it... I am scared... I literally feel like I'm dying.. my current levels as of 11/10/18:

TSH: 3.39 (.45-4.5)
FreeT3: 2.80 (2.0-4.4)
FreeT4: 1.12 (.82-1.77)
RT3: 8.5 (9.2-24.10)
Iron is slightly low at 75 (27-155) but Ferritin is high at 112 so doc said no to iron supplements

I can't live like this..I know I'm hypothyroid & have hashi's. I've been trying so hard.. I have been gluten/soy/dairy/oil/corn free for 1.5 yrs.. I drink only water.. I do not smoke.. I do not drink.. I'm scared.. I've seen 3 PCP's, 1 endo & none of them have helped me.. I've also paid A LOT of money for an integrative doctor that just seems to want to keep running tests to the tune of $1,000's of dollars out of pocket & can't prescribe anyway so, I'm done w/ him...

Can anyone PLEASE give me some ideas? I am 110lbs.. I am extraordinarily sensitive to meds & herbs.. I don't know what else do do..
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Duplicate post.  I am answering the other one.
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sorry.. I know, just don't know how to remove it and I'm new at this..
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