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Ill and agitated

Has anyone noticed and increase in feeling "ill" aggrivated and agitated with hypoT> Almost like a PMS kind of thing?
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I felt ill and aggrivated last night, so much so that I took some Advid PM and went to bed but hypo I don't know.  Woke up with the ill and severe aggrivated too!  To think - I felt better yesterday :(  I feel like I have 24/7 PMS lately with bouts of feeling good - you know, just enough good to get your hopes up then crash to reality.
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As long as you're not on certain antidepressant or seizure medications (Depakote), or pain meds like Neurontin or Lyrica... Try Valerian Root for sleep.  It's natural, little capsule, may smell a bit funny, but is AMAZING for restful non-groggy sleep.
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I feel aggrivated every day. I start out ok... but as the day goes on I can't control it. It's only 10:30 am here, and I'm already on edge. Bad thing is I have a job interview in an hour, and I'm in a FOUL mood. I really, really hate all this. I almost feel like just going back to taking Zoloft, and forgetting I have hypo. I felt so much better! That was just 4 months ago! Stopping it and trying to fix my thyroid has just screwed up my whole life. I'm grumpy, grouchy, tired, exhausted, fatigued, and miserable.

How's that for my vent today!
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I regret every last bit of having this Thyriod out! I know I can't regret and can't go back, but I can sure vent and hear myself say it at least!!! I REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get anxiety now wondering if this is how the rest of my life is going to be.....
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Oh yes - can relate to this one well!  Some days I could tear the head off anyone who even glances at me the wrong way.  Other times I feel an anxious, shaky wreck.
From what I gather though that is all part and parcel of the whole tyroid nightmare.  The anxiety and anger symptoms are tied up with your thyroid being 'upset'.  
I have just read a book called 'The Thyroid Solution' - got it on Amazon - which was a real eye opener for me!  I had no idea your thyroid was so linked to your emotions.  If you can buy borrow or steal a copy of this book it may help you understand what is going on. It also gives lots of info on the general workings of the thyroid/endocrine system in a way that even i could grasp! lol!
Good luck - hope you feel better soon.
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