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Interpreting Results

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 1998 at 23 years old.  Went on two different meds (neomercazole and I can't remember the other) and eventually it settled down.  Regular check ups saw the TSH fall often so meds would be started again- and repeat.  About 18 months ago I was sent to a different specialist who wanted to kill the thyroid with the radioactive iodine, but I didn't want to do that at the time.
Fast forward 18 months and latest checkup showed TSH fall again (other levels were fine), Dr could feel a swelling in neck so sent me for an ultrasound.  Results today, Dr called to say the thyroid is enlarged with increased blood flow, 2 nodules and I need to see specialist again.
Due to Covid, had to have a phone consult so didn't get time to think and ask questions, wondering if anyone has had the same (low TSH, others normal, enlarged Thyroid, increased blood flow and nodules) and what the outcome was please?
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Everyone is different, so we'll need further information in order to provide you with the best information.  

What levels have been tested, other than TSH?  If you could post the actual results of your tests, along with their corresponding reference ranges, it would be most helpful.

What antibody tests did you have for the diagnosis of Graves Disease?  

Also, do you have a copy of your ultrasound report?   Do you know how large the nodules are?   The most likely thing is that they'll want to do an FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration), in order to rule out (or in) cancer if the nodules are large enough.  
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