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Is .02 TSH levels dangerously low?

Ok so I have been having some problems lately and thought they may be my thyroid as I have Graves disease which leads to hyperthyroidism and my doctor had recently given me my lab slip so I went and got my blood work done. Today I called and the receptionist told me my TSH is really low and my T3 is high. What I want to know because she couldn't tell me is what is dangerously low? Below are my levels.

TSH - 0.02
T3 - 3.79
T4 - 1.8
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Well I decided just to call my doctor back, she told me .02 is as low as it gets because the lowest is .00 and after explaining my problems that I have been having lately she told me I need to go to the ER. I will be leaving shortly but after looking at a page on Graves Disease I realized everything going on with me right now is pointing toward Thyroid Storm, even things happening lately that I thought weren't anything to do with my thyroid can be caused by having Thyroid Storm and to top it off Thyroid Storm can be caused by having a baby which I did just 8 months ago!
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Hopefully, you are at the hospital now, getting treated.  Please keep us posted on how you do.

When you get a chance, we'd like to know what the reference ranges are for the T3 and T4, and whether or not those tests are for Free or Total.  

BTW - my TSH stays at < 0.01, but I have hashimoto's vs Graves Disease, and am on thyroid replacement medication, so it's okay for me.

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