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Is fine needle biopcy painful?

I have been told I have enlarged thyroid and polyps & need biopcy.  Has anyone had this done and if so, can you tell me if it was very painful...  Thanks
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Not too bad usually.  I find that root canal is worse (the needle), You can search medhelp on the upper rt. hand corner or search the community search and oodles of info will come up!

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please dont be fooled... YES they are not a walk in the park the deeper they go the worse the pain is... i had to endure 6 FNA's and i hope u the best
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I recently had the biopsy. For me it is not at all painfull. Mat be it depends on the doc. My endo took seven samples....and only one time he inserted the needle deep and it was little pain. Just do not be anxious and be relax....everything will be all right. Keep post us your results of biopsy...

So many medical terms and some we cann't even understand...it was just arabic for me. God should help me on that.
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I also have a biopsy coming up and I searched it on you tube and they show one being done. I am scared I hear they may have to do it several times!! YIKES! Good luck to both of us huh!
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