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Is there anyone in Queensland Australia?

Who has actually had a cure for HISSING (Not ringing) in the ears and what did you use? Sick of USA people writing in and no one to contact.
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Tinnitus means an abnormal noise in the ear.  Tinnitus sounds can include ringing, hissing, whistling, roaring, chirping, or screeching.

My mother was suffering badly from tinnitus and by sheer luck she found relief with vitamin E supplements of all things.  We decided to try vitamin E for better selenium absorption (for lowering TPO antibodies).  I bought a bottle of Blackmore's vitamin E 1000IU from Woolworths. Cost about $8 on special at the time...not a bad price to get rid of tinnitus! :)

From my internet research...

Causes of tinnitus include:

Hearing loss
Excessive noise
Ear infections
Foreign object
Ear wax buildup
Fluid build up
Ototoxic medications (hundreds of prescription drugs including aspirin, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics)
Meniere's disease
Acoustic neuroma  
TMJ dysfunction
A thyroid imbalance
Head injuries or neck injuries
High blood pressure
Red wine, cheese and chocolate
Systematic yeast infection (candida)
Dietary deficiencies:
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin C  
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin E
- Choline
- Omega 3 fatty acids
- Magnesium  
- Iron  
- Potassium  
- Sodium  
- Zinc  
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What do you mean "sick of USA people writing in and no one to contact?".
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Yes i live in Qld. :)
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Out of curiosity what has your regular gp said about it? Can you ask to see a specialist? Don't know much about ears, but an ear, nose, and throat doctor would be my first suggestion.
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