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Know of Any Support Groups and/or Something to Stop the Itching

Hi everyone,

Wanted to say hey and thank you all  so very
much for sharing your stories.  I was
very happy to find out that my hair loss,
skin burning sensation on my face and itching
is very likely related to my Hashimotos.
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 17 years ago.  

To make a very long story very short over the last 2 years things have
gotten worse. I found out I was the lucky owner now of 7 food sensitivities,
adrenal fatigue, an almost non-existent testosterone and cortisol levels.

At one point I had pancreatitis and wasn't absorbing much of the nutrients
I was consuming,  my stomach was very distended (corn sensitivity).
And what started as a very short upper respiratory infection, then turned into bronchitis
and my chronic cough got worse.  In addition I was clearing my throat all the time
and then I developed shortness of breath and had fevers off and on.

One night the shortness of breath got really bad and my temp went above 101.
The lung specialist that I had just seen 2 days before, was unavailable and told me
to go to the ER.  
- - - Would you believe that the shortness of breath, cough and clearing my throat
       was due to a dairy sensitivity?

And then about a year ago I began having severe almost stabbing
like painful bolts of itching in my ankles and feet, this continued off and
on for several months.

In the last 4 months I've had even more fun. LOL
besides my hair continually falling out as others have described,
I'm itching like crazy on several parts of my body, my face feels like it's burning,
and this past week sleep has been horrible at best.
And after more tests I was diagnosed with allergies to a multitude of
pollens, trees and grasses, dusts, molds, etc.

My doctor also has shared with me that my immune system
is all whacked out, and that the 6th car accident I was in (I
was a passenger in a cab) not too long is also wreaking havoc
with my immune system.

In just a few days I'm going to see another doc
whom I just happened to "run in to" when I dropped into FB and glanced
at my news feed.  
- In summary he believes that not only does your thyroid, adrenals and sex hormones
need to be looked at, but he also said that it's of great importance
to run tests on your immune system and treat them accordingly.

BTW I wasn't planning on including so much detail, but thought
I would in case it helped others, as your stories have helped me.

1. Was curious if anyone knows of any online support groups?
2. Is there anything that you're taking/using the eliminates or reduces
the crazy itching?

Looking forward to hearing from everyone,

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Our community, here, is something of a "support group"...... we're here to help in any way we can.  Other than that, I'm not familiar with any others, though I'm sure they do exist.

As far as the itching goes, first off, has your doctor checked you for demodex mites?  They live in the skin, but when they die off, they can leave behind a bacteria that some people are sensitive to; from my reading, they tend to be worse in those with allergies.  My husband and I both have the itching (he worse than me) and I found a calming lotion that helps. It's made by Aveeno.  I also use a product called Prosacea, on my face, which is to treat rosacea that helps a lot, with the calming lotion.  It may burn a bit the first couple times you use it, but after that it should be fine.

Additionally, check your bedding, etc...... I had a plastic lined pillow cover on my husband's pillow, because he sometimes gets nose bleeds during the night... turns out that the pillow cover was not allowing air to circulate and his face was getting too hot.  He took that cover off and I put on a plain cotton one and the issue has pretty much resolved.
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