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Large Pre-Cancerous Nodules

Hi All,
I see a lot of posts on here pertaining to nodule size/cancer scares and I just wanted to share a positive experience.

My  thyroid mass was 8 cm total. My biggest nodule was a 5cm hurthle cell nodule and benign. The nodules were obstructing my trachea, making it difficult to swallow and coughing.

I did have two spots of 2mm pap cancer... but am considered cured because there was nothing in the lymphnodes surrounding the mass.

Also had a positive experience with my thyroid completion surgery. Surgery went great and the recovery was not too bad.. only took Tylenol with codeine.

I was a mess last year when I was diagnosed with hurthle cells and some great people on this site talked some sense into me and made me feel better. I hope my experience will help others.

We can't always assume we're the worst case scenario :)
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Your experience does make me feel better, as I am at the beginning of this whole thyroid rodeo. I have had a goiter for three years, I am 38, and recently had a biopsy of a 4.3 cm tumor consuming the left lobe of my thyroid. For the last couple of days I have been an emotional wreck. Your experience has been very comforting. I am going to see the surgeon tomorrow and get my biopsy results. Did the doctors biopsy your nodules, and if so, what were your results?

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Thank you for sharing your experience!  I have just had a biopsy today on a complex nodule and am worried about everything.  You're positive experience is very helpful!
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