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Large substernal thyroid goiter surgery. Any one else have anything similar?

I'm having thyroid surgery to remove a very large substernal goiter tumor that is benign, but is pressing on my esophagus, wind pipe and larynx to the right.   Also goiter is all contained, not attached, but has grown around my aorta and pushing back towards my spine, so surgery will involve cutting into my sternum.  My main concern is my voice box nerves and having a trach box if surgeon can not save nerves or if they are saved that I will need a trach to breath/swallow.   Scared of what will come after surgery more than surgery itself.   Told surgery will last at least 6 hrs so they can take their time removing tumor.  I'm confident that I have one of the best doctors performing surgery, but still very worried.  They are only removing the left side as right side of thyroid is fine.   Has anyone on this site had anything similar?  my tumor is 10 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm.  Huge!  
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Hi there... I don't think we have anyone on the forum right now that's had anything that large removed; however, we've had some in the past who have had substernal goiter removed.  The ones I'm familiar with/can recall have turned out fine.

I know it's very scary, but try not to think the worst.  If you have a good surgeon, trust them to do the best they can.  I know it's a possibility to have voice box damage, but I believe it's rare to actually have it happen.  If it's any consolation, I've actually had surgery on my vocal cords and came through with them in better shape than they were prior to surgery - I credit that to the excellent doctor I had, for sure.

When will you be having your surgery?  We're here to help you in any way we can.
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Surgery is scheduled for 11/18 pending results of Pre-Op evaluation.   Looks like your site is a great resource for questions on meds post op so will wait to see what comes after surgery.  Thank you for your response and positive feedback, helped a lot.
Your surgery is not too far off and we're here to help in any way we can prior to that and/or for whatever support we can give you.  

We do offer great support post op... We can help with labs, meds, symptoms, etc so don't be afraid to ask whatever questions you might have.
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Hi friend, I certainly can relate.  I had a massive thyroid, 7 hour surgery to remove, 3 day hospital stay.  Surgeon states largest thyroid he had ever seen in his 40 year career.  He said my thyroid was size of cow's heart, Rofl !!!!!  Thyroid was crushing my trachea, practically suffocating me, food would get stuck in my throat.  If my thyroid would have continued to grow, thyroid would have completely crushed my trachea causing axphyxiation/death.  Due to my crushed trachea I now use cpap to breathe during sleep.  I had 2 consultatiions with surgeon.  I was confident he would perform outstanding surgery.  We discussed every detail.  This was 7 years ago.  I didn't have any issues post surgery, none, zippo !!
cept rebalancing of hormones, which is now finally optimized.  I was super happy, I was able to breathe, eat, sleep normally again.  Try not to worry friend, eat well, rest much as possible for surgey.  Wishing you well before/after surgery.      
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