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Low Temperature

Hey everyone,
I'm sick today, so I took my temperature (expecting it to be high) and it is only 97 (it's 5 in the afternoon).  Also, I was thinking about it and my temp was only 97.1 at the doctor the other day - and I had practically ran from my house to get there on time.  Well, I did a little looking, and as you all probably know, low body temp is a symptom of hypothyroid (which I have).  Does anyone know what the normal body temp is for hypothyroid?  Should my body temperature start to increase now that I'm on the levoxyl?

I guess what I'm wondering is this -- if my body temp starts to go up to normal, does that mean my thyroid is becoming regulated?
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I had low body temp and it did go back to about normal once on the correct dose of medication.  Then body temp was not the indicator of how my thyroid was doing, another TSH test was.

You have to be careful now of not going in the other direction, which would mean you are getting overdosed.
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Many people say temperature is a better indicator of hypothyroid than TSH.
lt was how they used to do it before TSH levels became the norm.
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