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My thyroid results


I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, possibly graves disease when I was 20, I am now 22. After a year of taking carbimazol and beta blockers, I was feeling better and my test results came back normal so I was weaned off and haven't taken any since. Quite recently I have been feeling extremely run down and as thyroid disorders run in my family I went back to another doctors (as I moved in the mean time) and my results came back as follows:

TSH = 0.03
T4 = 18.2

To me this isn't normal and btw they don't seem to check T3 where I live? When I was last diagnosed they did an immunoglobulin test and that's where the hyperthyroidism showed up. When I mentioned that to my new doctors (I went to see a nurse) she didn't know what that was? They have informed me to go back in 6 months and have another test, but I'm feeling so run down and sick all the time I don't really know what to do anymore.

Certain patterns I have noticed are that I became very ill with tonsilitis and a month after I was diagnosed with graves. Then in January of this year, I had such bad strep throat that I was taken to hospital and kept in for a day just so I could ease the pain and get my temperature down as it was 41C and I couldn't keep down any antibiotics, a month later after I was better I started feeling run down again?

Do you think this is normal? and are my test results okay?

Kindest regards,

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Doctors can be stubborn about ordering FT3, but they usually are more willing to order it when people are hyper than hypo.  Your symptoms sound hyper to be sure, so you really should know what FT3 is doing.  If the doctor balks, you might try saying something like "Even if you don't want to see it, *I* do."  I see you're in the UK...you might have to go private.

There's no excuse for not ordering TSI.  It's the easiest way to monitor the progression of the disease.  

Best of luck.  I'll look forward to seeing your results.

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Yeah I have very trembly hands, I'm full of energy I feel like I can't use because I'm knackered, I have itchy feet ALL the time (but very ticklish feet) it's awful lol and I go from feeling fine to ravenous so quickly I feel sick, I also get really annoying persistent twitches in my muscles and palpitations I think? It feels like fluttering in your chest or a sudden jolt sometimes.

I've been trying to get doctors to do my T3 for a year now and I've got to the point where I have had enough :/

I will persist though and update you on how it goes but I don't have high hopes. Thank you for the help it's much appreciated, it's nice to have someone agreeing with me.

All the best,

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If the FT4 range is 9-19, then your result of 18.2 in your original post is quite high, and the current 17 is still on the high side.  TSH is very low, indicating that your pituitary thinks your thyroid hormone levels are too high as well.  Many of us would be feeling hyper.  Do you have other symptoms besides fatigue?

I'm wondering if the "immunoglobulin" test to refer to is "thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin" (TSI).  TSI is the antibody associated with Graves', and Graves' is typically diagnosed on a TSI result.  You might try getting your records from the doctor who diagnosed you.  TSI can be very useful.  It can indicate remission and coming out of remission.  If you monitor it regularly, you will have a better idea of what's going on.  I'd insist on a TSI test and an FT3 test with this next set of blood work they want you to have.
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Also no, they assumed the lab had screwed up the results so made me have another blood test, these results came out:

TSH: <0.03
T4: 17

Now they are saying I'm fine but that they want me to have another blood test, this will be the third in the space of 2 weeks.
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Oh gosh, I can't quite rememeber, I know for certain the TSH started from 0.35 and the T4 was something like 9 to 19.
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I should also have asked if they ever tested TSI (thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin).  Sorry, I misread that as "thyroglobulin", but my comment about the nurse still stands.
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What's the reference range on your FT4?  Ranges vary lab to lab, so both have to be posted together.

They should be testing FT3.  It's the test that correlates best with symptoms.  Obviously, if the nurse didn't know what thyroglobulin was, she has no business seeing people who potentially have thyroid issues.
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