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I need any advice you all have to offer.

Jan 07      Dx hypo  TSH 86.05  (0.34-4.82)  

May 08    Surgery Rt Lobe removed Dx  Fibrous variant Hashimoto's thyroiditis  Surgeon tested TPO antibodies 911 (<35)

I have been on several different doses of Synthorid over the last 3 years .50mcg to .125mcg.  

I have been to 3 endo's all of which say symptoms menopause or get antidepresents from GP. Have been on so  many different antidepressants and sleeping pills I could start my own pharmacy.  
I am going thru menopause (pre menopause)   Last period  July 09       FSH -  80.4      LH   40.6    

My GP who had finally started to work with me left the area in Oct 09.  So I am now trying to find a GP who will listen to me and will run the proper thyroid test.    

7/09 My last endo appointment  Labs   TSH 3.68 (0.47 - 5.01)     FT4  0.93  (0.71-1.85)   .75 mcg Synthroid.  Told him I felt awful told me labs in range I will not see you for 6 months.  Symptoms are not thyroid.  

10/09 had yearly physical with gyno  labs  TSH 14.52 (0.34-4.82)  FT4 0.6 (0.7 -1.6)  sent to new endo.   Told me TSH was high because I wasn't taking meds right.  Increased synthorid to .100 mcg.  ( I  have a pill box and take meds every morning I may have missed one day but I take my meds because I want to feel better.

Maybe I am just a nut case because I seem to be going thru a cycle of where I will feel ok for a few weeks and then bam out of now where for about 10 days or so  I have periods of rapid heart beat, chest discomfort, palpations, anxious, irritable, nervousness, headaches, cant sleep, indigestion, body aches, hot, night sweats/hot flashes, loose stools, weight loss, mind racing, throat discomfort.  I am finding it hard to deal with these so called cycles (for lack of a better word) mentally and phyically.  

4/10  New GP did order a 24 hr holt monitor and it did show I had 72 (as he called them episodes) ordered  Eco said everything is fine take Magneisum.    TSH 1.04  (0.34-4.82)  .100 mcg Synthroid  said thyroid labs are good  must be menopause.  

Thank you for your time.  

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Thank you so much for your response.
I will ask my dr. to run the lab tests you suggested,  and if he won't I will look for another dr.   Again thank your knowlege and your time.
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You thyroid needs are being ignored and they are basing you on a TSH lab that is extremely inconsistant - especially with autoimmune thyroid disease.

You may have had a removal of gland tissue but the antibodies are not removed and never will be.

You still have 1/2 thyroid tissue left in tack - this whole process you have been through sounds wrong to me.

You will need to manage your condition with knowledge and probably start finding a whole new network of good doctor able to process the right tests.

You need Free T3 and Free T4 - REAL thyroid hormone testing and also need to see a current HAshimoto lab test too. Get the TgAb and TPOab test done with the frees and also get the TSH done again - just to appease them,.

Taking a guess as you seem to be in many other thyroid patients nightmare - you are not balancing right JUST on Synthroid and most likely need to learn more about adding T3 meds or desiccated thyroid to finally get well.

You'll have to understand labs also to get the most out of yourself.
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